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Raisels: Fruity Flavored Raisen Snack

When given the opportunity to try out some Raisels, I was interested since it’s a new product and I hadn’t tried them. But little did I know – I would absolutely love them {and I don’t say *love* too often on my blog, but I really do in this case}.

So, what exactly are Raisels? They are a new, healthier alternative to candy from the National Raisin Company {but, they DO taste like candy!}. The National Raisen Company is a family owned and operated company in the US and their fruity flavored raisins are the first 100% real snack fruit that tastes like candy. They are golden raisens with a light dusting of sour flavored sugar, making them taste exactly like those sour candies that my family adores so much.But, unlike sour candies which are loaded in sugar, these are very different…..
Raisels are rich in antioxidants, fat free, cholesterol free and contain no sodium or high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. They come in four fabulous flavors; Sour Apple, Sour Orange, Sour Lemon and Sour Peach, with Watermelon coming soon. Personally, I like the Sour Apple and Sour Lemon the best. Another difference? Sour candies are loaded with empty calories, yet Raisels are real fruit, with 100% of a daily dose of Vitamin C, and only pack a 110 calories per box punch. The individual box sizes of Raisels are that of individual raisen {snack} box size.

Like I said, I have fallen in love with Raisels, and the kids {thinking they are candy} love them too. These are great snacks, or treats – and the perfect size to put into a party loot bag or to give out at Halloween. The only downfall, and it’s a HUGE downfall to me… they are only available in the US. Le sigh, life is not fair. I have a couple items on a list, to buy the next time I head down to the states, and Raisels are now at the top of that list. Psst, if my US peeps want to send me some, I’d be thrilled! Better yet, if they started selling in Canada, I’ll be the first to tell you all about it!


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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