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When I think of Love, I think of my family and the memories we have built. I, like most people, preserve those memories in photos. When I lost some very precious photos last year, I vowed to always store my photos on a disc and to also upload my photos to Kodak Gallery. And, I have done that each and every month. Then, every few months, I make a photobook using the Kodak Gallery Canada website.

Since I have been ordering prints and making photobooks for years, I have a good idea of the features I prefer when using an online photo lab. I find Kodak’s Gallery to be fast, efficient and easy for me to separate events, dates and so on. As long as you make one purchase per year, even if it’s just one print, your photos will always be there for easy reference and printing.

I was excited to make another photobook, thanks to a gift code supplied to me by Kodak Canada. Though they have many sizes and textures to choose from, I chose the Printed Hardcover. I chose this size since most of my others are in this size and I like everything to match {yes}. Then, I chose a nice red theme, since my photobook would cover the fall and winter 2010 months. Since I had a few months to span, and wanted to choose my favorites from each month, I chose to drag and drop my photos in, one by one. Yet, if you have all your photos in one album, the auto-fill feature is fast and effective. Even so, It only took me about 20 minutes to complete my photobook!

Kodak Gallery has a US and a Canadian website, so make sure you are on the right one before you start creating. This has ‘gotten’ me more than once, and your photos and creations cannot be transferred form site to site. Since I have accidentally made photobooks on the US Kodak Gallery website, I really hope that soon the Canadian site will have all the photobook options that the the other includes. Even considering this, I really do adore the photobook I made, and it took so little time to create. It’s a beautiful way to preserve memories without having *someone* {ahem, twinlins} removing all the photos from a regular album. Oy! Yes, I much prefer photobooks!

The photobooks are a great cost, even with adding an extra 2 pages into my photobook, there was still gift credit to spare!. So, I was also able to print off photos { I still print the occasional photo, for babybooks, cards to relatives and for frames}. I got a sampling of all my favorite photos for the last 5 months.

When you order from Kodak Gallery, shipping is free if you choose to have them delivered to the nearest Future Shop or Best Buy location. I chose this option and was surprised that my prints arrived at the store only 2 days later. My photobook took about a week to arrive. Yet, for a small fee you can also have your order delivered right to your door.


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the personalized playing cards and the puzzle. I would gift both of those items to my 5-year old son. He loves puzzles and playing “go fish” with Daddy. He would think it was so cool to have those items with a family picture on them. He’d love it!

  2. I am a HUGE fan of photo books. They make great gifts for anyone but I especially love them as wedding gifts. Such a unique and special keepsake.

  3. I like the desktop Calendar and it would be perfect for Mother’s Day.
    henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

  4. my favorite is the Printed Hardcover
    12 x 14″. and i would love to gift it to my mother.

  5. I really like the Cheese Plate/ Glass Serving Tray & would give it to my mom

    sbabij2 at shaw dot ca

  6. I think the pocket photo gift would be a great present for my inlaws, then she can always have pictures of the kids with her.

  7. love the personalized playing cards and the puzzle
    would give to my parents
    jessicatang90 at hotmail dot com

  8. I love the 9 x 10.25″ Printed Hardcover photo books. I would gift one to my husband and include some of our favourite prints from over the years (we’re both avid amateur photographers).

  9. I would love a pillowcase for my husband. He gave me one a few years ago with one of my favourite pictures of him with our son. I’d love to make one for him with the kids and I.

  10. I love the Medium Printed Hardcover Photo Book 9 x 10.25” and would love to make a book with photos of the animals at the zoo for my grandkids or else make them a puzzle of their favorite animal.

  11. I would like to get 5 decks of cards with pictures for my grandparents for playing canasta!

  12. I lean towards the pillowcase or puzzle for my kids! Wouldn’t it be cool to have them put together a puzzle of the family!

  13. I have visited the Kodak Gallery website and my fave photo gift idea would be the Photo Keepsake Boxes, its very personal and from the heart:)


  14. I am following @MyChaos AND @KodakGalleryCA on Twitter (@xocanadianangel)


  15. I like the Printed Hardcover 9 x 10.25 photo book. I would fill it with pictures of us and gift it to my Nanny…

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  17. I love the photo books. I make one every year one for us and one for the parents. Which reminds me. I have all of last year to get into a book. Yikes. LOL

  18. One of my favourites is the photo pillowcases. I would send these to my family in B.C so the kids can be close to their cousins (sort of)

  19. Like Kodak Gallery on facebook ~ Huguette En
    henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

  20. I would absolutely get a Photo Book made of my children, and give a copy to each of their grandparents. Does the prize also include the time to do this….? 🙂
    heather at timm dot ca

  21. I follow you and Kodak on Twitter (heatherlike) and I tweeted this giveaway
    heather at timm dot ca

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