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NutriSystem, Week 3

I can’t believe that I’ve finished the third week in my NutriSystem challenge. In the past, other ‘diets’ and ‘methods’ I tried to lose weight were painstaking. By that I mean that each and every day was excruciating, filled with thoughts like, ‘I can’t bear to eat this again today’, and ‘I just want to quit already’. One thing that I really noticed since being on NutriSystem is that I have a better outlook due to ease of use and the simple fact that the food is delicious! I look forward to eating NutriSystem foods, and it’s become apart of my daily life instead of a something that I am forcefully adding onto life.

This weeks’ post is going to be dedicated to answering some of your questions, since I have gotten many since I started this journey.

What is it like cooking meals for your family and then not eating it?
And, does it bother the kids that you aren’t eating what they eat?

This is a good question, and it was one of my worries before I started NutriSystem. It actually works better than I thought since I am able to cook their main entree and make it last over a couple of days. Plus, they are served the same salads and vegetables that I eat. A positive side effect is that they are actually eating more vegetables with me, than ever before. I try to keep my entrees and theirs similar, so if they are having pizza, I will have my NutriSystem Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza {there are 2 varieties in the Canadian program and they are both delicious}. And, it’s not unusual for them to have pasta and cheese or a white sauce and myself have a pasta with a tomato sauce {the kids can’t have tomato sauce due to sensitivities}. So, they don’t even blink when I have a NutriSystem Lasagna with Meat Sauce and they have chicken fettuccine alfredo. And, like I said before – the NutriSystem food is so delicious, I don’t even mind that I can’t eat their food. And, they can sample my food and do each time I try a new NutriSystem entree. They always have a bite of my Chicken Breast Burger {which is heaven! But, more about the food later}. This is funny to me since they won’t touch an ‘ordinary’ chicken burger, ever. Go figure!

Here’s are the topics of NutriSystem posts for the next couple of weeks:
~ NutriSystem and Exercise
~ NutriSystem Foods; my preferences and ingredients that make them up

If you have any specific questions about NutriSystem, please leave it in a comment or send me an email. I know how valuable first-hand information is, and I’m gladly here to help!

And here’s my 3 week weigh-in:

Starting weight: too much for my liking!

Week 3: -1 lbs

Total Weight Loss To Date: -8 lbs

As I said before, the twins were very sick last week, borderline Pneumonia, and it was both stressful and exhausting since it lasted forever and it was 2 sick kiddos keeping me busy. When they were on the mend, I myself started to feel something coming on. I drank so much lemon water this week, I’m surprised I didn’t drown {seriously, I ‘went’ every 15 minutes for 5 days straight}. Plus, Vitamins and cold pills were my BFF’s as well. There was a couple days that I felt so tired that I could have slept standing up, but I pushed on and did go to the gym each and every day. So, It wasn’t a terrible week since I didn’t actually get a full blown cold or flu {1 point for Mom}. And, I stuck to the NutriSystem plan, with the exception of a ice cream cone when I took my daughter to a hockey game. And, I don’t feel guilty about that one small treat in 3 weeks, not one little bit. In any case, all is well and healthy in my household once again {knock on wood}. And, all my energy is back too, which is wonderful. I’m very pleased with 8 lbs in 3 weeks!

Nutrisystem is providing their program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Canada Blogging Program. All opinions regarding my experience are 100% my own.


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  1. WooHoo on your continued success! Can’t wait to see the rest of your journey!

    1. Thanks Shirley!
      I just got back from a great workout, and someone came up to me at the gym and remarked on how great I looked, they noticed that I’m slimming down. I’m on cloud nine today!

      1. That is so awesome Tammi! I cannot wait to get started with the food! Just waiting for it to arrive! It was shipped last Wednesday, so hoping anyday now, then I can start blogging about my experiences too! I weighed myself this morning and I am down 1.5lb from last week! I have just been watching my portions and working out 3x a week…..doing Leslie Sansone’s Walk Eat Lose program (the workouts mainly)….this week is 2 miles a day!

        I love that someone stopped you at the gym – I bet that felt amazing!

          1. It’s ordered on the 14th, and it arrives on the 19th or 20th – pretty quick!

  2. Awesome news Tammi, My nutrisystem will be here today, can’t wait to start with it

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