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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

We were recently offered the chance to get an advance copy of Disney’s Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and I knew my daughters would be excited to watch it. And that they were! I’m not sure which is more adorable: the cute puppies in this film, or my twin toddlers begging to watch ‘sa-wa-wa’ all the time {with a cute little pout to match}.

Since the day day it arrived for review, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 has been watched a few times in this household already, and your chance to own it on Blu-ray and DVD is this February 1st – that is the official release date!

This family-friendly movie is about an adorable family of Chihuahuas {and their other canine friends}. Newlywed Chihuahua parents, Papi and Chloe, face the same parenting woes as we humans do – over their rambunctious and playful pack of puppies.

Yet, they have to ban together and help their human family, it’s their jobs to save them and ensure the entire family sticks together. Heroic adventures, hilarious mishaps and a message of a strong family unit and love make this a great family viewing choice this February!

It was great to sit down with my girls and watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, my daughters were so excited! My oldest daughter loved the talent show the best, and the twins danced to each and every song {and don’t think of interrupting the credits, my kids will get mad at you! They watch from beginning to end}.

The Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Blu-ray/DVD combo pack has some great bonus features on each disc as well, including: music videos, bloopers and an interactive game {which is a hit with my 6 year old}. We’ve watched Bridgit Mendler’s “This is My Paradise” a couple times, it’s so cute to see the girls sing and dance along.

Today my girls were having an especially hard day, it seemed crankiness took them over since the second they woke up. I tried everything. Finally this afternoon, in exasperation I just sang, ‘Chihuahua!’. Well, their immediate cheers and smiles at the suggestion of watching it again, sure saved the day for me! And their laughter when watching the bloopers was a much needed change from their moods earlier in the day! Toddler thumbs up for Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2!


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  1. I’d be winning this for my son who absolutely loves the first one! I just saw the commercial for this last night and told hubby that we need to get this for our son! LOL

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  3. I would love to win this DVD for my 4 year old son. He keeps asking me for the movie everytime he sees the commercial for it!

  4. I would love to win this for my son. We have a Chihuahua and he loved the first one.


  5. I would win this for my son.. every time he sees the commercial he BEGS to watch it! 🙂

  6. I would love to win this for my daughter, Sarah. She is puppy crazy and loves the first one.

  7. I’d win this for my family, my 4 and 12 yr olds would love this and it would be a great for family movie night we loved the first one!

  8. i would like to win this for me , and my mini chihuahua , she loves when she hears dogs on tv barking ,lol, and of course the rest of my family, we would all be able to sit together and enjoy it

  9. It may be corny but I’d love this for me! I loved the first one. Granted so did my kids, but I think I liked it the most out of all of us… hahaha

  10. i love pappi in the first one he will be great in this one hope i win my son would love this for his b day on the 1st of febuary

  11. I would like to win this for my son. We just watched the first one the other day as I borrowed it from my dad and he loved it. “Look mom doggy talking hahahaha” he said over and over.

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  13. I’d like to win this for my daughter who loves dogs and funny dog movies.

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  18. I’d like to win this for my DD. She is always singing the theme song around the house even though she has yet to see the movie!

  19. I’d like to win this for hubby and me to watch and then pass it on to the grandkids. Or watch it with the grandkids and they keep it.


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  21. My 16 month old daughter. Loves watching the previews for this movie, I would really like to win this for her.

  22. I’d like to win this for my mom! She loves all these dog movies, and we still haven’t seen this one yet!

  23. I would like to win this for the whole family but especially the kids as they really enjoyed the first movie.

  24. I would like to win this DVD for my two nephews, though I’m sure the rest of the family will enjoy it too. Thank you for the chance to win.

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  27. I would like to win this for myself. I adored the first one and still watch it.

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