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Philips SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor | Review

When one thinks of gifts for Men, one of the items that immediately comes to mind is an electric razor. It’s something that every Man uses, yet they might settle for one that isn’t high quality. The Philips SensoTouch 3D Razor is a new product in the Philips family, and one that may make a Man you know very happy this holiday season.

The Main Product Features of the Philips SensoTouch 3D:

  • GyroFlex 3D contour-following system adjusts easily to the curve of the face, and minimizes pressure and irritation of the skin.
  • With the Super Lift & Cut system uses a dual blade system: the first blade lifts the hair from skin and the second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave. The close-fit swing mechanism allows the head section to tilt forward and back, allowing hair to be gripped firmly at the roots.
  • The wet & dry Aquatec seal gives you to choice to shave wet with gel or foam, or dry
  • No matter which direction the hair grows, this UltraTrack heads hug the skin without rubbing, for a great shaving experience. The specially designed UltraTrack heads catch every hair with just a few strokes. The combination of 3 specialized tracks gives a close shave that keeps skin irritation to a minimum, since you don’t need to go over one area multiple times.
  • The low-friction SkinGlide shaving surface slides smoothly along your skin, for an extra-close cut.
  • Skin friendly precision trimmer embedded in the shaver for perfect mustache and sideburns trimming. Open the trimmer by pushing the slide downwards, the trimmer can be activated while the shaver is running
  • Ideal for cordless use–with a charging time of 1 hour it gives up to 60 minutes of performance
  • With with a soft carrying pouch, and a two year guarantee

The Philips SensoTouch Razors {this 1280 model I received is just one of many which vary in features and prices}, have an LCD display which state: a has Battery low indicator, Charge indicator, Travel lock, and Replace shaving heads indicator. It’s a rechargable razor, with a quick charging feature. With only one hour of charging this shaver give a run time of 60 Min, which is an approximate shaving time of Up to 20 days. That’s a long charge!

The Philips SensoTouch 3D 1280 Electric Razor comes with:

  • Philips SensoTouch RQ1280 Chromed frame Black Electric Shaver
  • Charging stand
  • Soft pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • Protection cap

Now I didn’t test out this electric razor myself {of course} but I did pass it on to a Man I know, for him to try and report back to me with his findings. He really liked the ergonomic design of the shaver, with it’s slim handle. When using, he could tell that he was in control. Plus, the handle has an anti-slip coating so it sits perfectly in the hand while shaving. He said it was the best shaving experience as it was quick and easy to use – and there is never irritation after wards. With some electric razors, he said stubble reappeared by mid-day. With the Philips SensoTouch 3D, he noted that the afternoon stubble didn’t appear, and his face was still whisker free by evening. So, he was indeed impressed by the close shave and the lift & cut action. Having own many brands of electric razors, he was happy with the design, the features of the LCD display and that it fit so nicely in the hand. With all other razors, there was one spot under his chin, that most could not get to very easily – yet with the Philips SensoTouch 3D, he reported that getting to close hard-to-shave areas was simple, thanks to the great way it tiled and pivoted. And, he didn’t have to go over these areas repeatedly, which was also great for convenience and comfort.

The Philips SensoTouch 3D Electric Razors can be purchased online, or wherever Philips Products are sold. The 1280 model that we received retails for approximately $329.00 USD, and from the results that I was told – worth every penny!

There is a complete range of SensoTouch models, which range in price from $229.99 to $329.99. Yet, SensoTouch shavers are also available in 2D ranging in price from $159.99 to $219.99.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks great! My hubs has super sensitive skin when it comes to shaving and actually avoids it because it bothers his skin so much! Maybe we haven’t been investing in a good one and that’s part of the problem! Thanks for the info 🙂

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  3. My hubby’s shaver has pretty much died in the last few weeks – it has stopped holding charge and we’ve replaced the blades a few times. I appreciate the detail here so I can have a good idea of what to look for. I might be looking no further than here! He’s got really sensitive skin so it’s always tough to find a good one that doesn’t tear his face up…

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  5. In 15 years I have failed each and every time I’ve purchased my hubby a new electric shaver. I’ve never tried a Philips… I may have to give that a go!

    1. It’s hard to buy something we can’t really test out ourselves, isn’t it?! I know exactly what you mean! That’s why I got a Man’s review for this Man-gift!! 🙂

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