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We Canadians know our snow! After all, we have to walk in the white stuff, for the majority of the year! Yet, that doesn’t mean we have to settle on uncomfortable, industrial looking boots, in order to hold our own against old man winter. Cougar Boots faces that need for warmth and protection, and mixes in a definite sense of style, with their winter boots for women, Men and children. Seeing such a great selection of boots for the whole family, makes putting away all those flop flops and sandals a little less painful, doesn’t it?

The bitter cold weather has the ability to make you feel a little down, especially when you have to add so many {unflattering} layers, just to keep the chill at bay. A nice pair of Cougar Boots to spruce up the wardrobe can make all the difference, when it comes to battling the outdoor forces this year. This holiday season, put a little bug in Santa’s ear for some new winter boots. Or, take matters into your own hands and treat yourself to a stunning new pair. Believe me, your feet and your spirits will thank you for it. Take this fabulous brown Valerie pair from Cougar Boots, which is on my own wish-list this year. I like the little lift in the heel and the fur detail. And, it’s a great color which will coordinate with any ensemble.

Cougar boots has so many styles for Men, Women and children – you can outfit your whole family in fabulous winter boots that shine a little sunlight into the long winter months.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  2. OMG! Cougar has been around a long time, i remember when i was in Jr High if you didn’t have cougars you were out all the popular kids wore them of course they were a certain style, they are great for Alberta winters!

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