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Webkinz Jr Plush

Webkinz Jr Plush by GANZ, has made their mark on the toy industry, and has proven to be a collection of toys which has warmed the heart of kids, for years. Key to the product, is every Webkinz toy has a secret code, in which your child [aged 5+} can access an online world where their toy becomes their pet and friend. This interactive site became so hugely popular with kids, and the buzz hasn’t fizzled – instead it grew to include a new collection and more adventures! New to the Webkinz family is the Webkinz Jr. line of plush toys. The Webkinz. Jr. interactive website is aimed toward the pre-school crowd {ages 3-6}. This allows the little learners to not only master early computer skills, but also introduces them to games and activities which involves their favorite plush friend.

My girls got the Giraffe for review, and we all think he is the softest and most adorable friend out there. The Giraffe has become a trusted companion in my house, and is always in someone’s arms. At two and a half years old, my twins actually do very well with a computer. And, I’m not sure if that’s from watching me plunk away, or from studying their older sister play her hand-held games. And, maybe a combination of us all. Regardless, I am surprised that they are able to use a mouse at their age, and easily move the cursor to where they want it to be. Though they need help playing with their Webkinz Jr. online, I know that soon, they will be doing much better. The little that they can do now is very fun for them, and they can only learn as they go and practice more. It seems that Isabelle learned computer skills at an early age, yet I see the twins learning at an even faster pace, and it’s thanks to programs such as the interactive Webkinz Jr game.

The Webkinz and Webkinz Jr. lineup has got kids covered from toddler-hood to the school years. It’s not only cute plush animals, yet valuable learning tools as well. The products are sold online as well as many retail locations across Canada and the US. It’s always great to have a child pick out their new friend, yet I do think that any Webkinz toy is a safe bet when gifting. They will love each and every one. And if they get one they already have? Great – they got Twins too!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  1. I learned they have a deluxe membership which offers a progress report on how your child is doing in school subject areas. If it’s getting too easy for them, you can adjust the difficulty level so they can keep progressing their skills.

  2. I learned that they have a variety of pets to choose from. There are all different colours of bunnies, cats, puppies, elephants, giraffes, and monkeys as well as a few other animals.

  3. Learner from the website:

    I never even knew there was Webkinz jr. before seeing it on your site. From their site, I learned they have levels in the school! My four-year-old would love this.

  4. I learned that with the deluxe membership you can get detailed reports and information on tracking your child’s progress through their Webkinz Jr activities.

    brandielam3 at gmail dot com

  5. I saw that their website had a coloring book in PDF —how cute!

  6. I learned that there is a deluxe membership for parents where you can see how well your child is doing in each activity. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  7. I subscribe to you via email. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  8. I learned that you can get Daily Progress Reports that show how your child is doing in each activity. Graphs show your child’s overall progress. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. learned they have a deluxe membership which offers a progress report on how your child is doing in school subject areas.

  10. I saw that they have a parents area and they have the webkinz, jr. catalog. My granddaughter adores Webkinz. Thanks for the chance.

  11. I visited the Webkinz Jr. website and saw that the Webkinz Jr. pets each come with a unique Pet Code. I also saw that there is a large catalogue of pets to choose from, and I fell in love with the Blue Puppy!

  12. I like that it has a store locator & I learned there are a LOT of stores in my area that sell Webkinz Jr 🙂

  13. I learned: Webkinz Jr. is especially designed for children aged 3–6 years. You can use the Difficulty Levels to customize the site to meet the specific needs of your child!

  14. i learned they are sold at special toys and more in my town
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  15. I learned that they have a parents area (which i love) and you can monitor your kids!

  16. I saw that they have a webkinz, jr. catalog with lots of great choices. I also learned that they are especially designed for children aged 3–6 years. Perfect for my 2 granddaughters!

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  21. I learned that every Webkinz Jr. plush animal comes with a unique Pet Code. rararomp at gmail dot com

  22. There is three locations in my little city that sell webkinz jr products!

  23. you can use the estore to sign up for an account right on the spot

  24. I learned if you buy the deluxe membership you get into a lot of other areas like the parents area where you get 5 subject based activity ideas and 1 printout to learn at home


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  28. I learned that the deluxe membership offers parents a progress report on how your child is doing in school subject areas. Parents can adjust the difficulty level so kids can keep progressing their skills.

  29. I loved the Progress Report Area. I also like that they have a place for parents.

  30. I learned that Webkinz Jr. is a website that encourages children aged 3-6 to imagine, explore, and learn.

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  31. I saw that they had a parents area.Thanks!

  32. I learned there’s a way for parents to check on their child’s progress.

  33. Cute and colorful, but my granddaughter tells me it is for the very young child.

  34. I learned they have a parents section so you can moniter your child on other thingsfor parents

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  36. I learned that there is a password protected “parents’ area” on the website.

  37. learn thatr you can send your children mail to mthere webkinz website.

  38. I like the Parent’s Area..there are so many websites out there that are for ‘kids’ that older people play on..sometimes its scary.

  39. You can upgrade your membership and enjoy lots of different benefits and reports etc.

  40. i love the giraffe and about him i learned It’s pretty easy to spot the Giraffe in a crowd! With a gentle personality and a curious nature, giraffes enjoy exploring and being with their friends.

  41. Oh I learned that JR is in reference to the age of the CHILD not that it is a baby WebKinz.. doh! I thought DD3 was too young for them!

  42. i like that you get activity reports where your child was on the site

  43. They have so many different kinds of Webkinz even Jr’s…they are so cute!

  44. I learned that Webkins Jr. is aimed at children 3-6 in the hopes of getting them to imagine, explore and learn, and to do this they have a brief description of the various types of animals next to a picture of the toy and a cartoon picture of it.

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