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Play-Doh, Mega Fun Factory

Keep it moving and keep the fun coming with this awesome moving MEGA FUN FACTORY conveyor belt set. Load your Play-Doh in one end and turn on your conveyor belt to stamp out pretend toys or food from one of the two gear molds. Keep your conveyor belt running and you can stamp out tons and tons of fun creations — it’s non-stop imaginative action.

Thanks to HASBRO, my girls got to try out the Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory. They have always been huge fans of Play-Doh, and never tire of the creations they make. When I introduced this set, they were very excited. I timed it so that their first test was on a dreary day when the “I’m bored’s” were rampant. This set broke the blues and provided 3 {yes, I said 3} hours of fun.

The Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory runs on 2 ‘C’ batteries, to make the conveyor belt run. It includes many pieces to create shapes, animals and anything the imaginations dreams up. What I like the best about this set is that the 6 included cans of Play-Doh are stored right into the sides of the factory. This makes it easier to store and you won’t misplace the Play-Doh. There is also a playmat, and the Twins especially like to make animals and cars to play on this mat. As well, the 2 gear molds have got to be the best invention! Versus small and separate molds which get easily lost, these wheels have many molds along the rim. Use with the factory or alone, these gears are the biggest hit with my girls.

As with all Play-Doh products, make sure to get all bits of Play-Doh out of the factory before storing. This way pieces don’t stick together and a mess won’t be made. The Twins who are 2, and my oldest {6}, have so much fun with this set. My oldest is better at working the conveyor belt and cutting off pieces, and the Twins love the gears and the mat. So, there’s a bit of something for them all, and it’s big enough that they don’t fight over space and pieces. And that is nice to see!

The Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory is an awesome gift idea for for both girls and boys, ages 3+. There is just so many options when it comes to play, and it keeps them entertained for hours. This is a great product for imagination, creativity and role play. Check out this and many more products available from Play-Doh, found online and in stores.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  1. my little niece keeps asking for this! I may get it for her for Christmas since playdoh seems fun enough and this gift sounds great! thanks for the review! 🙂

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