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Liv Dolls By Spinmaster Toys

Daniela, Katie, Sophie, and Alexis, are four teenaged best friends and the foursome behind the Liv Dolls, by Spinmaster Toys. This line of dolls, intended for ages 5-10 aren’t just a dress-up doll. Liv Dolls each have their own special personality, talent and individual look, right down to their wig. Yes, I said wig….,

My daughter was thrilled to get her own Alexis {It’s My Nature} Liv Doll, having seen the commercials on TV with such interest. Each Liv Doll comes with a wig that can be styled {or cut, if you dare tell the child. Which I won’t or my daughter might play hairdresser on the Twins}. Yet, when she is older and I feel more confident in her hair styling abilities and will power to not experiment on other head – I might introduce her to cutting doll hairs. For now, my daughter sticks with the styling and she is satisfied with that. As well, you can purchase more wigs and accessories, to change the look without having to get a whole new doll.

As a mom, I really like that Liv Dolls are realistically proportioned {yes, they are!} and my daughter loves that they are extremely posable. This really opens up the imagination when it comes to play! As well, they come in such great clothing, I have to admit some jealousy toward the wardrobes of the Liv Dolls. The clothes are modest yet trendy and fashionable. And, my daughters’ Alexis Liv Doll also came with so many accessories, much more than other dolls come with. Positive role models, the Liv Dolls aren’t just into fashion and beauty – their talents and interests are what makes them stand out, just like the sewing skills that Alexis has. Again, this pleased my daughter as she is always toying with fabric bits and creating doll outfits.

Liv Dolls from SpinMaster also have an interactive website called LivWorld. Anyone, with or without a Liv Doll can register at LivWorld and have fun with the online games, activities, shopping for outfits, and more. At 6, my daughter is really into the online components with some toys, so this is certainly her ‘style’.

Liv Dolls are available at LivWorld, Target, Walmart and Toys r’ us. Each doll is sold separately and there are many other wig packs, clothing packages and accessories as well. The buzz about Liv dolls in my daughters’ social circle is huge, so expect this to be a top pick from many school-aged girls this year!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  1. This sound like great dolls. I wish l had a doll like this when l was younger. They do look better than Barbie: much more realistic.

  2. being more posable is a plus for any girl. There’s nothing like try to sit one of these on her chair and she falls over.

  3. My granddaughter would have a lot of fun paying with the Liv dolls. They even come with a wig and you can choose from lots of accessaries. Fantastic!

  4. My daughter loooooves the Liv dolls. (favorite is Sophie) She seems to like these much more than the (un-named) other brand dolls. She loves the interchangable wigs 🙂 These are on the Holiday wish list for our house.

  5. I honestly didn’t see what the big deal was with these dolls, but once I saw a neighbours girls play with hers, I now understand. It’s cute watching girls play with these.

  6. Wow, these are amazing and seem better than a Barbie, blasphemous I know. Lol. I am going to look into these right now for my 8 year old niece for Christmas. I really think she’d like them. I don’t blame you about the hair thing. lol. Thanks for the great review.

  7. Oh! I totally agree with the wardrobe. They really do have nice collection! Another way to have a guide how to be stylish =) I cant wait for my little girl to come out and start buying dolls for her! I love my son so much, but I still have to admit that buying girl’s toys is so much fun than buying car or robots! Liv Dolls is just a must have =)

  8. I love that the clothes are fashionable and that the dolls are realistically proportioned. Very cool!

  9. I love that these dolls are “posable”. My little niece would love one for Christmas.

  10. I think I would have enjoyed these more as a child than certain other dolls. They seem to be of much better (and realistic) proportions and you can’t beat the fact that they’re posable.

  11. I have one daughter just coming out of the doll phase…but she would like this…and one GRand daughter just coming into this. I love the new selections and this is pretty cool that you have a wig you can “makeover”. What girl would not love that?!!

  12. Love that these dolls can pose better than the old barbie from my day. I’m sure my neice and grandbabies woiuld love her!

    who knows, my nephew and grandsons would probably love her too!


  13. These seem like nice dolls. I had a boy, so my perspective is a bit off. LOL

    Since they’re posable, it seems like girls would have a lot more fun with them – reminds me of the SNL skit that Britney Spears did; she played a Barbie. The rigid arms cracked me up!

  14. These seem like fun and trendy dolls that will capture young girls attention yet still pass on a positive message. The website is great too!

  15. Our daughter would love one of the Liv dolls. They are very interactive with the wigs and clothes and this is good for their imagination!

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