Experiencing {Bliss} Is Like Coming Home

One week ago I was in a hotel full of bloggers for the BlissDom Canada conference in Toronto {thanks to my wonderful sponsor, Lysol}. Since returning, I have been trying desperately to put into words, my complete experience. There’s so much to share, and most stories will come in due time.

Yet what strikes me as the most significant aspect and the perfect introduction post on what I took from BlissDom Canada, was the genuine relationships I formed with various Brand Representatives, PR professionals and fellow bloggers. In fact, since I have been home, I have been in a grumpy daze of uneasiness which I can only compare to the feeling of moving away from a familiar home and missing dear friends. After chatting with many BlissDom attendees for months to years online, it’s surreal to meet in person and immediately form a connection from the moment you hug. I can say with certainty that even people in my everyday lives don’t really understand my part is, in social media. So, being in a room-full of people who truly ‘get it’ was like coming home again. There was no explanations, no questions, no expectations – just a mutual understanding right from the start – and that relationship could only grow. Which it did.

Erica Ehm {@YummyMummyClub} and myself

So, I learned a ton, laughed until I cried, cheered with delight and cherished each moment. It was connecting with dear friends and sharing ideas, celebrating everyone’s efforts and working together to make a bigger mark on Canadian social media. I may be at home now and feel like I am missing someone {or 200 someone’s}, yet staying with me is that positive energy which I took home.
Recharged determination. A fresh perspective. A collaborative understanding. Bliss.

Janice from @5minutesformom, Myself and Shannon from @Shasherslife

I’ll have plenty more to tell in future posts, yet for starters and most definitely, BlissDom taught me to kick things up a notch, be awesome, and over-pour with my own unique and geniune Bliss.
Find your Bliss, your voice and be awesome! Be you!

Moi and the fabulous @AlliWorthington

Myself with Lynette from @myweeview & Stacie from @simplystacienet




  1. Aw, Tammi! You clearly put into words the magic that was Blissdom Canada. It was like “coming home” and totally amazing to be among so many people who understand our passion for what we do. I also loved that we could all have our computers and/or phones on the table and tweet away without worrying of poor etiquette. But the best part was connecting with you and all the other amazing women who accepted us for who we are and greeted us with open arms. I feel like I have a new family now!

    1. Awe, and THAT was said perfectly, Diana!
      It was great meeting {and dancing} with you!!

  2. I’m seriously sad that we didn’t get one single picture of the two of us together!!! We’ll just have to get together again soon 🙂

    How about you get us both sponsored for Blissdom USA- I’ll be YOUR virtual assistant (lol)

    It was so wonderful to meet you in real life- and you are so right- there is nothing better than being in a room full of people who GET IT!!

    Cheers to sucking less 🙂

    1. I know! I realize now that I didn’t get pics of myself with quite a few people! We need a do-over now!

    1. There’s always next year! The plans are in the making already – I know I’ll be there!

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  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed the conference. It was a blast. I love being able to walk into a conference like that and meet new friends and not have to try and explain what it is exactly that I do on the internet. Great post!!

    1. And one other regret – not getting a pic with you, Tanis! It was so great to meet you – finally! You are just as hilarious and full of life as your blog!!
      Many hugs to you!!

  5. You completely nailed it on the head. It was like coming home. We were in a room full of strangers who weren’t really strangers. We all understood each other and knew each other. I miss Blissdom and I miss everyone. It is too far away when we will all get to be together again.

    1. It seems like that, doesn’t it? It was a great time, and I realize now that I didn’t get a pic with you!!
      Talk about sucking….that really sucks…

  6. What a nice post Tammi!

    Is that our only pic together? Jeppers, I look Terrible.


    I’m so glad that we got to spend lots of time together!!


  7. Though it was practically in my backyard, we were away and I was sad to have missed it. How awesome to get to have met so many bloggers face to face. I loved your costume. I don’t know that I’ve seen pictures of you here before. You’re beautiful! {Yep, go ahead and blush :)}

  8. What beautiful costumes you were all wearing. I liked yours a lot. Blisssdom is so much fun, it’s too bad I didn’t have a passport. I should get one and charge it to my blog.

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