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Robert Munsch’s 29th Book with Scholastic Canada, and you can decide on the 30th!

Too Much Stuff! is a new book written by Robert Munsch {and illustrated by Michael Martchenko}, and was just released last month, along with one other book entitled Mad About Munsch! {a collection of five favorite stories}. My daughter received the Too Much Stuff! for review from Scholastic Canada. And, it had to be read NOW. And we did, since we both very much enjoy Robert Munsch books. Too Much Stuff! is about a young girl who is determined to take all her toys on a trip with her {Hmm, this reminds me of my daughter when we went to Mexico last spring}. So, what would a little girl do when told by her Mother that she could only bring ONE toy and ONE doll – that’s right, hatch a plan to sneak in ALL her toys! The story is a good one, and a wonderful addition to our Robert Munsch collection. The ending made me smile, as there is a wonderful lesson to be learned. I won’t ruin the storyline, but it is a funny and totally silly story that has a message {besides the fact that kids have minds of their own and always try to sneak one past you}.

I think most of Robert Munsch’s books are brought to life in print, from stories and imaginations from actual kids he had met. When my daughter and I met Robert Munsch before a stage performance this year, I realized after that she was chewing frantically on a piece of gum the entire time. Usually this Mom catches these things, but it sipped my mind that time. Great, the girl who chewed and chewed and CHEWED – maybe she’ll inspire a book one day?

To celebrate Robert Munsch’s 30th book with Scholastic Canada, fans of Canada’s bestselling author can decide which story will be published in May 2011. There are currently three story ideas, which can be found at the Scholastic Canada website, all inspired by children Munsch met while visiting 3 Canadian communities. You can vote online from September 1 to October 31, 2010. And, the story that receives the most votes will be turned into a book, illustrated by long-time Munsch collaborator Michael Martchenko. In addition, Munsch will visit the locale of the winning story when the book is published in May, so if one of the areas is yours – you may want to support your own community!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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