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Oliva DVD Review

One channel we don’t get at home is Nickelodeon, which is a shame because my twins love Olivia. So, we rely on DVD’s for them to get their Olivia fix, and since that is so seldom – they really get excited! Thankfully there is finally a Olivia holiday DVD coming out on Oct 5th.
Merry Christmas, Olivia is a 95 minute DVD full of holiday episodes, in which Olivia tries new things and has fun adventures.
I like that the twins have taken to Olivia since she always has such a positive attitude and is so caring to others.
This DVD is a wonderful addition to any preschoolers collection {trust me, they get so excited at the sight of the DVD case alone!}, and would make a great gift for them this Christmas.

Here are the included episodes:

Olivia Claus
It’s almost Christmas, and Olivia and Ian can’t wait for Santa to come. But there’s one thing that Santa can’t bring – Olivia’s lost toy, her beloved monkey Mathilda. Olivia imagines herself to be a Santa Claus who returns lost toys. On Christmas morning Olivia finds new gifts under the tree and Mathilda right under her nose.

Olivia and The Family Photo
Mother is determined to take the perfect family Christmas photo – in the middle of the summer. With the help of a snow machine, Olivia takes it upon herself to bring a little Christmas spirit to the photograph, and to Francine’s backyard beach party next door.

Olivia’s Ice Spectacular
Olivia can’t wait to see skating star Sonja Spencer perform in “Cinderella on Ice.” She’s sure she’ll be the lucky audience member chosen to skate with Sonja, and begins practicing on the skating rink she makes in her own backyard. When the show is canceled, Olivia decides the show must go on and she and her friends stage their own ice spectacular.

Olivia’s Snow Day
It’s a snow day and school’s closed. Olivia takes to the snow-covered streets with Julian as her cameraman, to report on all the snow day happenings. The biggest story of the day turns out to be an alleged sighting of the legendary abominable snowman. Can it be true? Olivia tracks down the real story.

Olivia Makes a Wedding Gift
Olivia’s favorite art teacher, Miss Davis, is getting married, and Olivia wants to find her the perfect wedding present. But despite all of her fundraising efforts, she only has enough for a very small gift. With help from her classmates, Olivia creates a very special card for Miss Davis to go along with the gift.

Olivia Makes Magic
After seeing Grandma perform an impromptu magic show, Olivia begins practicing her own magic tricks. She doesn’t have much success, until she manages to make herself “disappear” for Ian and Julian. They can’t figure out how she’s done it, but Ian doesn’t care. He just wants his big sister back!

Olivia and the Babies
After noticing all the great compliments Mother receives on account of adorable baby William, Olivia finds herself some babies of her own: her cat Edwin and her dog Perry. Being a mom is tougher than it seems, but when Mother asks Olivia to watch William for a minute, her new skills come in handy.

Olivia’s Good Luck
Olivia is determined to sell more Young Pioneers cookies than anybody else in her troupe – especially Francine. It turns out to be harder than she thought it would be, but with a little perseverance and ingenuity, Olivia manages to do her personal best.

You can get Merry Christmas, Olivia from Walmart, Target and Amazon to name a few {for a suggested retail price of $16.99}. There are also some great special features on this DVD, such as a bonus episode called Olivia’s Pirate Treasure.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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