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Kaplan Online Learning Program

For my daughter, Kindergarten formed a sense of anxiety in her. Myself and her Kindergarten teachers could not find cause for this anxiety, yet looking back I believe it was her own stress of wanting to do well and afraid of not succeeding. I saw this anxiety creep back after the summer months, on her first day of Grade 1. Yet, she is in a different school this year, which has new teaching approaches and by the second day {seriously!}, her anxiety was gone and she had a tremendous love for school. Can you imagine my delight!!

I am planning on doing a bit of extra work at home with her this year, to reinforce what she is learning at school so that she doesn’t correlate school with a huge pressure to learn. I am hoping that this lessens her stress even more, and she can enjoy school for all that it offers.

Thanks to Mom Central, my daughter {with my supervision}, will be a test drive Mom for the Kaplan Online Learning Program. The program is customized to your child’s level after a grade-appropriate math and reading assessment is done. This assessment determines where your child is, academically and shows the parent which areas they need extra work.

When my daughter started her assessment, she was having a ton of fun with it, at one point saying, “this is the best, Mom!”. I have to agree, the questions were laid out perfectly, with no stress on her since it didn’t indicate whether she was right or not with her answers. Yet as they got harder, I saw her struggling. She read and re-read the questions, really wanting to do well, but unsure of herself. Then I seen the anxiety come out again, the nervous habits started all over again. I had to fight every Motherly urge not to help her and give her a hint – yet it is her evaluation, right or wrong and I couldn’t intervene. So, it was hard – but I with-held and let her try her best, and guess if she needed to.

The Kaplan Program has a student and a parent log-in, so that I can see how she is doing with the program. My goal with the program is to allow her to have a little fun with learning and see that she can do it on her own without getting too stressed and feeling too overwhelmed. As a Mom, I am interested in seeing exactly where her problem areas are, so I can give her a little extra help on those concepts that is causing the anxiety.

So, for the next couple of months we will be regularly using the Kaplan program in our home. I’ll stay in touch and update you on our thoughts, and how my daughter is doing with the program.

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Program by Mom Central on behalf of Kaplan and received the products necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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