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Halloween at Old Navy

When Old Navy stocks their shelves with their Halloween costumes, word spreads like wildfire. In my social circle of Mom’s, we always do the grapevine of phone calls or texts that simply say, “Old Navy has Halloween stuff”. And t

hat is all that needs to be said, and we are in our cars. So what’s the big deal? Basically – great price, nice selection and the fact that most of their costumes are thick and warm. After all, I do live in Western Canada and chances are great that Halloween night will be chilly! Old Navy’s Halloween costumes are particularly nice for babies and toddlers, as they need the extra warmth. For these reasons, Old Navy’s Halloween costumes in our stores get picked over very quickly. Isabelle wore her Old Navy Skunk Costume, when she was just 3 years old {photo to the right, I just had to use the pic from behind – ‘little stinker’, yes she is!}. It was perfect for that cold night, and it still looks new {even after 3 years of being used as a dress-up item}.

Yet they do have a variety of other costumes, for Halloween and for dress-up. For review, we got the Dragonfly Costume, which included wings, a tutu skirt and a wand. Fitting my oldest and the Twins, it has been worn daily in our house. It works over clothes or coats, so it works with wearing outdoors or to a party indoors. The colors are great and so is the quality.

Yet, Old Navy has a lot more than just Halloween costumes for kids. I always like to go to Old Navy before any holiday and pick up one of their holiday tee’s for the kids. They are festive and cute – and never costs more than it should. Right now Old Navy has Halloween tees and hats!

For accessories, Old Navy has Halloween baskets to collect those treats. In a few different styles to match costumes, it’s so adorable to see a toddler waddle down the street with a basket full of goodies! In this house, we get right into the holidays, from our head to our feet. Old Navy assists in just that, literally, with their styles of Halloween socks for the whole family. As you can see, you can get a variety of Halloween attire and accessories at Old Navy. Costumes are on the website, yet there is so much more available in stores.

Just recently, Canadians can shop online at Shipping is free with orders over $50 and returns can be made in store. I was excited when I heard that Canadians can shop online at Old Navy, it’s always convenient to shop in PJ’s while sipping coffee!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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  1. yes, Old Navy does have awesome costumes 🙂

    2 of the pics aren’t working Tammi, I would love to see the skunk!

    Take care,


    1. I fixed it Lynette, and thank you for the heads up – not sure why it wasn’t working…?

  2. Hi – just received your post @ my blog – I must be having a really off rainy day today cuz my brain just isn’t working – what am I supposed to be looking for? Help LOL!!! Thanks a bunch!

  3. I just checked out Old Navy’s Website and the prices are really reasonable on these costumes too. There are lots of cute choices in warm costumes too which are usually the type the kids need around here.

  4. I love ON costumes too… BUT my twins are getting too big for their sizes. I think last year (for them) was their last for Old Navy. BUT, my 2 year old wil be donning a ON Monkey we inherited!

  5. Great idea on getting the Halloween shirts at Old Navy. Their prices are really reasonable and styles are super cute.

  6. I ordered costumes for the twins from the old navy website. There isnt a store really close to me and we need transit to get around. I didnt want to drag the boys across the city only to find out they were out of stock in their size/style.

    As it was, I had to get our second choice for both boys as their first was out of stock.

    I saw these costumes in store when I was newly pregnant and loved them. I will probably hit the store post season to see whats left on sale to snag for next year.

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