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mOmma Feeding Products,As a mom of 3, including twin toddlers, I thought I had seen and tested all there is in baby gear. Well, that’s what I had originally thought, until mOmma feeding products caught my eye. This unique and modern line of feeding products include cups, plates and utensils.

The difference being the look, first and foremost. Yet there is definably function behind that design! Made for babies and toddlers, mOmma’s products are BPA and phthalate-free, and come in vibrant colors.,

Encouraging babies and toddlers to discover their surroundings, and work with their current dexterity, mOmma allows mealtimes to be more than just nutrition – it’s a time for growth, learning and fun!

Thanks to TeamMom, the Twins got a few mOmma products to test out, and my faves are definitely the cups. They are certainly fun for kids, being rounded in shape so they can play ‘weeble’ with their cups. Yet, don’t get frantic, Mom’s – these cups don’t leak! Not only do these cups not leak from their spouts, yet the round shape prevents them from being set or dropped onto their sides.

It’s true, drop a mOmma cup, and it rolls to it’s upright position. The mOmma Sippy Cup {stage 2}, has dual handles and a non-spill lid. The Cup with Straw {Stage 3} has some unique key features which made this the favorite cup in our household. The twisting lid allows the stray to be hidden for sanitary reasons {and for fun, as my Twins have learned}.

The straw is like a valve, unless sucked on, liquids don’t come out. Even when shaken upside down, neither mOmma cup dripped all over, which is nice. Ok, it’s more than nice for this Mom who hates leaking sippy cups. My sanity and the carpets think it’s pretty great too.

For the Twins, they just love their mOmma cups. I thought they would quickly pick a preference between the two and the fights over one or the other would start. But, so far, they are equally pleased with either mOmma cup, probably because they are both round.

It just makes for a happier beverage!

We also got the mOmma Fork, which is a brilliant design. First of all, the ball shape on the end would have been perfect for the Twins when they were first learning to eat independently. I do recall them grasping everything with the entire palm, so utensils were difficult for them. Self-eating would have been more controlled with this design!

As well, the sphere end make this the only hygenic utensil I have had. Ever been to a restaurant with toddlers? Do you know how many times I pick up and clean their utensils? I bring mine from home since regular utensils are still too large, and considered a weapon when in their hands. When dropped, the mOmma Fork stays upright! Isn’t that wonderful!

I just touched the surface with this review, mOmma had a huge selection of feeding products for babies and toddlers. Have a browse and watch the videos. As a parent, if you think you have seen it all when it comes to feeding products, think again!

I was sent mOmma products to review from TeamMom,


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