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Potty Training Tips with Concēva,Concēva, is product design and manufacturing company based in Calgary, Alberta is the maker of the Early CHOICES integrated Toilet Seat. At first glance of this product, I knew it would be a step above all other toilet seats and has become my biggest potty training tips for some very specific reasons. But, before I get into why it works so very well, let me explain the design {which is actually reason why it functions so well}.,The Early CHOICES integrated Toilet Seat is a complete unit that contains both the child and adult seat. In fact, installation is so easy, there is no need for me to explain the steps. The design allows the smaller seat portion to lay on the larger seat, making the hole smaller – thus perfectly fit for use with children. Now, I am sure most parents have seen the toilet seat ring for children that sells in stores, I own one myself. Yet, I never did like it when I used it with my oldest daughter, and had no intention on using it for the Twins. Why? I think you will nod your head in agreement when I say that those seats are simply put, a PITA. They shift and move when the child sits down {making them scared}, they stick to their poor bums when they get up {making them lose balance and again, be fearful}, when any one else needs to use the toilet without the ring they…put it on the floor? Ewww. Not only that, ours is so brightly colored and fun, my oldest daughter loved to take it out of the bathroom to play with. Again, ewww! I really have a problem with toilet seats touching anything other than the toilet, go figure! These faults in the other seats is exactly why I like the Early CHOICES integrated Toilet Seat, since it’s attached to the toilet. Simply put: it’s down when in use and clips up {neatly} into the lid of the seat when it’s not needed.

In short:

  • It can be used right from diapers. It’s the perfect size for toddler to children
  • Two seat sizes serves the whole family, it’s a 2-in-1 product
  • you never have to search for the potty seat, it’s always there when you need it, and usually you don’t have the time to go searching and fumbling for the ‘other’ seat.
  • Builds confidence and independence, they do get satisfaction in using the ‘big’ toilet. Yet since they don’t fall in and it’s comfortable, that ‘big’ toilet doesn’t seem so ‘big’ anymore
  • Compared to separate potty chairs, there’s no potty to clean up with this one.
  • Safe and secure, as it doesn’t slip and slide and stick to their bums!

The Early CHOICES integrated Toilet Seat is a top choice for those with limited space in the bathroom as well. This is especially true if you have Twins, such as myself – there would never be enough room for two individual potty chairs. This seat is not only great for potty training toddlers, but my almost 6 year old still has a hard time sitting on a regular toilet seat. This seat also works great for her and is much more comfortable for her too. When it comes time to disassemble, there is the patented TWIST-N-PULL hinge pins, and it’s off in seconds. I have had the Early CHOICES integrated Toilet Seat in our main bathroom for months. And each and every parent that comes into our home has always remarked on how great this toilet seat is, especially those that bring their children to our home. I always hear comments like, “Where did you get that seat?” and “What a smart idea!”.

The Concēva website also has helpful Toilet Training Tips, both in general of nature and specific ways that the Early CHOICES integrated Toilet Seat can assist children.


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


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  1. Pricey, but definitely looks awesome! We use the one that clips on the seat and I hate touching it to take it off. This would be a splurge item but looks like it’s worth it, especially since we have 2 more kids that need potty trained.

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