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A Healthier Snacking Choice,When choosing microwave popcorn, I am always torn between the buttery movie taste and the healthy varieties. For my own taste, there was no healthy option that wasn’t bland and boring. I recently got to try the all new microwave popcorn made from Pop Weaver – and now I don’t have to sacrifice taste for a smart and healthy choice!

Other brands use Palm Oil, which is so high in saturated fat. As well. Palm Oil also contributes to deforestation in tropical areas, and importing it uses a lot of fuel. Pop Weaver just introduced the first-ever microwave popcorn made with Canola oil, a renewable crop that is grown in the U.S. Canola oil helps lower bad cholesterol and protect against coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. It is lower in calories, total fat, saturated fat and sodium, while also providing Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. So, it’s a healthier choice, supports local economy and is more earth-friendly than Palm Oil.

Pop Weaver microwave line comes in three flavors {Light Butter, Butter and Extra Butter}, and costs just 21 cents per full bag popped. I could really tell a difference the first time I tried Pop Weaver Microwave popcorn, it has a great buttery taste that is exactly like fresh movie-style popcorn. Yet, with such a great nutritional value, it’s a great snack for the kids {and so easy on the guilt of snacking!},

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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  1. As with many things… I’m a simple woman when it comes to popcorn, just pop it and hand me the bag. Don’t cover it in all cheese, butter flavor, etc. Not to say I don’t enjoy a good kettle corn on occasion.

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  3. I want a bowl, please. Flavorings depend on my mood. sometimes garlic salt, other times just regular. Thanks for the contest.

  4. Always in a bowl ( I can’t eat it out of the bag), freshly popped, with lots of butter flavor, salted, and with m&m’s sprinkled on top.
    Alicia Webster

  5. I like my popcorn with plenty of seasoning. I figure it’s a choice between extra buttery or extra sodium and that sodium is the lesser of the two evils. I love spicy food, so I have this cayenne-based seasoning that’s absolutely delicious! In a big bowl with a good movie and a snuggly companion is the best!

  6. I like to eat mine from a cool metal popcorn container I got at Disney ;).

  7. love cheese popcorn an if it dos’nt have cheese i get micro corn with butter pop it then add seasoning or parm cheese

  8. My favorite popcorn is buttered (some times more, sometimes light, depends on the mood and what I have) and ALWAYS in a bowl!

  9. It has to be at the least salted and buttered. I also like it cheddar-flavored.

  10. I like my Weaver’s Butter Popcorn with my Grandchildren while we watch a movie.

  11. I’ll eat it any which way. 😉 Plain, salted, buttered, cheese or caramel, whether in the bag or a bowl, it’s all pop-tastic to me.

  12. I like my popcorn just lightly buttered and like to eat it out of a bowl or large container. Once in a while I will add M& Ms and eat the two together. Thanks.

  13. I love extra butter flavored popcorn. I like eating it out of a bowl because I don’t end up with the flavor stuff on the back of my hand. That’s weird I have no problem putting it in my body but I object ot having it on my body. stop thinking, just eat.

  14. my favorite popcorn is kettle corn that we get from the local fairs in the Fall months… but my second fave is butter popcorn in a bowl, yum!

  15. I LOVE some buttery popcorn in a bowl with a little bag of M&Ms. Yumm.

  16. I love buttered popcorn with raisinets in it or popcorn with season salt. Yum!

  17. I love white cheddar popcorn…that’s the best. I also like a little butter with salt…I’ll eat it out of the bag though!

  18. UI like the extra butter, in a bowl, maybe some cheese popcorn topping on it. May share. Maybe not.

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  20. i like it with light butter and salt and i always eat it out of the bag

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  22. I like popcorn just about any way I can get it. My favorite is plain with just a tiny bit of salt but I also love it with cheddar or caramel coating.

  23. My husband makes the best popcorn in our popcorn popper. Of course he puts tons of butter and salt on it so it’s not something we have too often.

  24. I like my popcorn in a bowl, with extra butter, & sitting with my family in front of the big HDTV screen watching a movie. Nothing better than passing the bowl around & having the kids asking for more!!!

  25. I like mine air popped with a bit of EVOO and some seasoning.


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