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Organizing Space In a Bedroom


Lately I have done a ton of cleaning, organizing and rearranging in my home. Many things that the kids have outgrown and we don’t use have gone to donations.

Why the sudden need to Spring clean in the summertime? I have been putting more thought into why I am putting certain things in certain areas, and optimizing space according to usage of items.

For instance, the huge roaster that I break out once per year. Why is it in a prime location in my kitchen cupboard when it can be stored in basement for as little as I use it? Another is the off-season towels and linens {Christmas themed}. They certainly don’t need to be taking up space with my everyday linens!

I have swept through my home, from linen closets to cupboard and find myself stuck when it comes to organizing the master bedroom. We have 3 main pieces in the room: bed, bedroom vanity, and tall dresser. Since these big objects take up quite a lot of space in that room {and much of what is stored in one dresser is seasonal clothing that is used only for a few months}, I’d love to sort and store this clothing elsewhere, and take out one of the two dressers from the room.

Yet, to rid of one of the dressers is a tough decision, since they are heirloom items and there is no other space for either of them right now. How does one go about finding a balance between functional and aesthetic?

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  1. Ugh! I have had nothing but issues with my bedroom. Our bedroom is so small! I have my bed, two dressers and that is it! We can barely fit anything else in. I cannot wait for the day we can upgrade our home because I have no ideas on what to do.

  2. I have a bad habit of putting items in my closet and forgetting about them. I find Christmas presents in June that were put away for safe keeping only to be forgotten. So every couple of months especially around Christmas I now pull everything out and I know I need to get a better system but it’s all about finding the right one.

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