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Crayola Beginnings, Tub Toys,Creating art starts young with Crayola’s Beginnings products. They are specifically designed for small hands, enabling babies 18 months and up to color just like the older kids.

One such product in the Beginnings line is TaDoodles, round and fun characters that babies can hold onto, with a crayon sticking out one end. My Twins got the Crayola TaDoodles Tub Boat for review, and that started a whole new bath experience!,

The TaDoodles Tub Boat comes with one boat and nontoxic bathtub Crayons. The boat itself can float, which makes it a fun toy in itself. But, seated in the boat are 3 bathtub TaDoodles Crayons.

The girls are able to easily grab the crayons and color all over the tub. As you can imagine, they think it’s a ton of fun. This Mom really like this TaDoodles Tub Boat for a few reasons. One, since the TaDoodle Crayons and the Tub Boat floats, the crayons are never left to dissolve in the water. As well, the crayons dry after their bath, face up in the Tub Boat or on the ledge, so there isn’t a crayon that ever dissolves on the ledges of the tub. Yep, they may weeble and wibble, but they will never tip! This is very unlike the other Bathtub Crayons I previously had for Isabelletadoodles_tub_crayons, they were always dissolving everywhere! As well, with one simple and gentle wipe, the TaDoodles Bathtub Crayons wipe off the tub surface. And, it is just as easy to wipe off after it has dried. In fact, the Twins color in the tub and can wipe it off themselves! Now, what parent won’t like that simple clean-up, no mess product!

As well, I love that the TaDoodles Bcrayola_tub_crayonsathtub Crayons have only the tip exposed, preventing pushing too hard and using the entire crayon. And, with one simple turn and click, more comes out!
This saves crayon and makes them last! We also got a separate package of 3 TaDoodles Tub Crayons as well.
They are sold separately as well, so later on if you need more crayons – you needn’t purchase a whole new Tub Boat and Crayons set.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the Drop & See! By baby is still a little young for coloring, but it won’t be long. Just a few more months! I am having a hard time finding fun bath toys, but this one is awesome! I hope my baby wins it!

  2. The ‘3 ct. Tadoodles First Marks’ look like they would work well for us. My little one still eats her crayons, so this seems like the best format for her 🙂 Thank you!

  3. My granddaughter would like the TaDoodles Scribble and Sing Art Station. Thanks

  4. My kids would really enjoy the Dry Erase Activity Center

  5. I think the Washable Sidewalk Chalk Maker Kits is a great idea, that way everyone can make their own!

  6. I love the crayola easle and crayola artist apron, I also love the side walk chalk!

  7. My son would lvoe the make your own sidewalk chalk kit. He loves sidewalk chalk.

  8. My kids would love the color wonder lap desk. They are always looking for things to do in the car, even on those short every day trips.

  9. The Crayola Glow Station is very cool & I know my grandkidlets would love it!


  10. The Washable Sidewalk Chalk Maker Kits from the home page look neat! Would also like to try the Hassle Free Water Colors

  11. I like the “Allclass Pack” which would be great for our homeschooling.

  12. My kid would love the Erasable Twistables Colored Pencils…..thanks for the chance….

  13. I have twin boys!! They are only 6 months so not ready for big kid bath but my 5 year old would LOVE the chalk maker now that summer is here and we can get outside more!

  14. My toddler would love the Color Wonder Disney Coloring Book & Markers.

  15. I love the Jumbles…that would have been a great product to have when DS was younger!

  16. I follow you on twitter (@babybutterflyb) and have tweeted this contest!

  17. I like the Color Wonder Light Up Markers


  18. My boys would love the sidewalk chalk. Every time they go outside, they squat and play on the sidewalk and walkway

    member (dot) thao (at)

  19. The pictures are worth a thousand words, looks like so much fun! I think my daughter would also enjoy the TaDoodles Scribble And Sing Art Station
    thanks for the chance.

  20. My kids would have a blast with the Crayola® 3-D Activity Chalk Kit – Underwater Adventure this summer!

  21. Mr Magoo was quite the character. He was blind as a bat LOL . He would carry on a conversation with a piece of furniture or a flower etc thinking he was talking to his cat or a person. He was a hoot.

  22. oops …please delete the entry above as this isn’t the correct giveaway. Thanks

  23. My children would also love the Crayola Rainbow Rake.


  24. I am following via Google Friends Connect.


  25. I think we’d love the pip squeaks mix ems markers!
    six_one_nine_girlie86 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  26. My kids would love the TaDoodles™ Scribble And Sing™ Art Station! Thanks!

  27. The Pip-Squeaks colored pencils look much more durable than the regular kinds!

  28. I think my son would have a lot of fun with the 3d chalk set. He LOVES playing with chalk.

  29. My kids would really have fun with the Crayola 3-D.

  30. we could have a blast with the Crayola® Color-Fillz™ Model Magic Pop-Art 3-D

  31. Would love to get Ian the Ta-Doodler. Crayola is part of growing up!! So much fun.

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