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ThermaPAK Review,Β I was asked to review the eco-friendly ThermaPAK Review, Laptop Cooling HeatShift Pad, to which I eagerly accepted, hoping it would solve my computer issues and make blogging and surfing the web much faster for myself. Not only does this particular Laptop Cooler work to cool the computer and prevent effects of overheating, but it’s smart design makes it very desirable compared to other brands, whether you use your laptop for business, pleasure or both.,

Unlike fan-based USB cooling devices, the HeatShift Laptop Cooling Pad uses a patented HeatShift Technology to dissipate heat away from your notebook {with no need to plug it in, refrigerate or do any maintenance to it at all}. It is made of a safe, laboratory tested chemical that has been proven to lower temperatures. If you recall your days of science {bear with me, it’s a refresher for me too!}, it uses conduction {heat transferred directly from one object to another by physically touching} AND convection {heat transferred by the movement of liquid,molecules from warmer areas to cooler ones} to provide the maximum amount of heat exchange. This results in the pad absorbing all the heat and transferring it into the particles {changing them from solid to gel}, thereby cooling your laptop and keeping your lap from burning.,I got a HeatShift Laptop Cooler Pad from ThermaPAK in the Pink color, and I have to say that just I love it! It doesΒ  keep my laptop cool to the touch and running at it’s best, no more freezing and restarting! It’s my laptop’s top accessory and protector, preventing problems that occur due to overheating . It’s very lightweight, and thin enough that I can stick in my computer bag with no hassle nor bulk. Even when I am using my laptop on my knees – my legs don’t feel any heat at all. And, HeatShift Laptop Cooling Pads are available in 3 sizes so that they perfectly fit underneath your own laptop. As well, I like that there is no noisy and disrupting fan – So I forget it’s even there! This cooling pad is something that I think any laptop-user should have In my opinion, this would make a fabulous gift for anyone with a laptop {for any occasion}; to save sanity, time and ultimately money since overheating can damage a laptop. At under $30, this makes one frugal and smart purchase!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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  1. The heatshift bag would be great to throw my work laptop into when I am moving from room to room for meetings.

  2. I wouldn’t mind having their 15.4″ Black HeatShift Laptop Bag πŸ˜€

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  4. I really need one of those…the 3 that I bought are just crappy! From their site I like the heat shift bag to go along with the heatshift laptop cooling pad πŸ™‚

  5. The Heatshift Bag sounds great!

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  6. That heat-shift bag would be lovely. If I win I’m giving this to my mom for her laptop on mother’s day.

  7. I really need the Heat Shift Bag…would go nicely with the Heat Shift Laptop Cooling Pad. πŸ™‚
    Thank you.

  8. I like the 15″ pink heat shift laptop cooler

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  9. The heatshift bag is cool, but I rarely take my macbook anywhere. I’d love the 15″ HeatShift Laptop Cooler for Mac.

  10. I need a ThermaPAK Memory Foam Laptop HeatShift Bag. This is great that it would keep my labtop cool.

  11. I need the 15.4″ Black HeatShift Laptop Bag to carry my netbook to church where I do the worship slides.

  12. The heatshift bag would be great to protect and transport my laptop

  13. I could use the Heatshift laptop bag

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  14. ThermaPak’s HeatShift Bag is perfect for taking my laptop around town!

  15. I want the 13″ HeatShift Laptop Cooler for Mac so my lap stays cool.

  16. I really like the ThermaPAK HeatShift Bag. Thanks for the giveaway as my laptop cooling fan just stopped working.

  17. I would love to win this, and I could also use the 17′ black heatshift laptop bag for whenever I’m on the go πŸ™‚

  18. The only other product I see is the bag which is perfect for travel.

  19. I wouldn’t mind the 17″ Black HeatShift Laptop Bag to keep cool during travel!

  20. The heatshift bag is a great idea, I’d love to have a heating pad though.

  21. the heat shift bag would be great.thanks for the chance to win this great prze

  22. I could use this for my laptop and the Thermaltake iXoft Notebook Cooler for our netbook.

  23. The 15.4″ Black HeatShift Laptop Bag would be another great product to have.

  24. The heat shift bag looks neat but i’d rather have multiple pads to keep all my family’s laptops cool.

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  27. I love that is cools with out having to be plugged in! and I lover the color, I would use it all the time!

  28. Wow – this is really great… just what I’ve been needing! The ThermaPak Bag looks really great too! Thanks for the giveaway

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  30. the heatshift bag would be great,to take with me to my sons practices!


  31. their heat sheet bag would be nice to have this summer to protect my laptop

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  32. I would like to try the HeatShift Bag.It would be great for travel.

  33. The 17″ Black HeatShift Laptop Bag would be great for carrying my laptop when I travel.

  34. the heatshift bag would make carrying my laptop around campus perfect!

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