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The Organized Mom

Stacey Crew

Organization is something I am very picky about, I could very well be the organized mom. In my house, everything has a place – everything. Sure, I have a junk drawer, but there is still order to those odds and ends. Since having kids, I can honestly say that I am a true Organized Mom, and organization is even more important than before.

I should really count the times I say in one day, “now, where does this go?” and “Where is this toys’ home?” Even at 21 months, the Twins know where everything goes – and know, when asked, where to put certain things. The book The Organized Mom is written by Stacey Crew, a professional organizer and founder of the GOPACK Method {Group Objects, Purge, Assign, Contain, and Keep It Up}. The Organized Mom is a detailed and well-organized book on how Moms, from the expecting to the experienced Mom – can control the chaos.

In The Organized Mom, Stacey provides a realistic and attainable method of organizing the entire house, and she does so step-by-step and goes into great detail. Yet, keep in mind – this is not a boring and lengthy book {didn’t want to scare you with my term of detailed}. Instead, it’s much appreciated to have such brilliant approach to organizing. For instance, in her section on organizing the kitchen – she has detailed drawings and maps that outline how to Zone the areas {dividing the space into usable sections}.

This then helps you decide which items need to be in certain areas; like bowls, mixing cups, wooden spoons, knives and a cutting board all need to be in the Food Preparation Zone. Which makes total sense, as you don’t need to be running back and forth throughout the kitchen fetching things, especially if your hands are dirty from cutting meats etc.

It’s about maximizing spaces and making your surroundings more efficient and workable for your lifestyle. Now, this is just the little tip of the iceberg when it comes to The Organized Mom, there is also detaield organizing information for the nursery, bedroom, bathroom, office, closets, entryways, and garage.

Not pertinent to my situation, yet interesting to me, is the second half of the book on organizing the nursery and preparing for a baby’s arrival. Stacey managed to leave not one little tidbit out, even going into detail on how many pockets an ideal diaper bag should have, photo organization tips! Indeed, whether it be Toy-Rotating and Toy storage to organizing a recipe box – this book has it all!
Even though The Organized Mom is a very detailed it-has-it-all book, please know that it’s not a huge nor heavy book at all! It actually fits in a purse or bag
{I’d say 5″ X 7″ in size}.

Stacey has great tips on de-cluttering/purging, and letting go of those ‘just in case’ items that take up way too much room in the house {something which I could certainly work on!}. The Organized Mom tells you exactly where everything needs to go, and provides diagrams, checklists and tips on how to achieve The Organized House! I also like the helpful worksheets included at the back of the book, places where you can track your own meal plans, household inventory, gift tracker, reminder schedules to get tasks done and so many others.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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  1. Spring cleaning hasn’t hit my house yet, but I would think the computer room is my most messy room! It really needs a good clean!!

  2. The most disorganized room in my house is my bedroom. Specifically the closet and under the dreaded bed. It’s the only room that no one is allowed in.

  3. My computer room, especially desk is a constant mess (created by me) and I don’t know how to fix it!

  4. Some of our home is really well organized but then when it comes to certain places {like our garage}, the word disorganized doesn’t even come close to describing it! LOL

  5. We have a storage closet in our room. At one time it was the most organized room, but it’s become a dumping ground for everything we don’t want to deal with.

  6. The most disorganized room would have to be my downstairs spare bedroom. I tend to toss everything in there.

  7. I would love to have this book for my granddaughter who will become a new Mom this year. My room would be the spare bedroom.

  8. I follow on Google Friend Connect. Thanks for the extra entry.

  9. I would have to say it is our bedroom. It is so small and of course I have so many clothes and shoes….HELP!

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  11. Umm which room every room is disorganized the worst is the dining/kitchen for sure.

  12. I’d have to say the dining room. It is not used for eating. It is used for dog crates and storage.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  13. Hmmm… The most disorganized room in our new home would have to be the dining area. That’s where the most boxes are still yet unpacked. I’m getting there though!

    I followed you on Twitter and FB. I started following Stacey and I tweeted about the giveaway. I’m now following you on Google Follow (Dreamer).

    Thank you for the giveaway. In our old home, I had one room that was awful… you couldn’t walk into it. I’m still working on getting everything out of there. I don’t ever want to be that disorganized again.

  14. My bedroom is the most unorganized room. That’s where I stuff things that are cluttering up the living room in a panic when company comes over. lol… Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. The most disorganized room in my home is the basement!!! Ugh! I don’t even want to go down there. It seems to collect everything we don’t want to see upstairs.

  16. My oldest daughter’s room is the worst. We let her keep her toys in there so she has something to play with while falling asleep or before she is allowed to get up in the morning…but keeping the pieces for every different type of toy together is painful!

  17. Definitely our bedroom, every other room gets cleaned frequently, but I never get around to the bedroom. Guests never see it, so it always comes last, and my husband goes to bed early and I’m a night owl, so I think thats the cause. Otherwise I would clean it at 10pm like I do the rest of the house 🙂

  18. the most disorganized room of my house is the family computer room! It’s a total mess!

  19. The most disorganized room in our house has to be our office/guest bedroom. It was the room we shoved stuff that didn’t quite belong in other rooms when we moved, and now it REALLY shows.

  20. I’d say that our toy area is most disorganized even though this is where I try to organize the most

  21. The most unorganized area of my home is the tv room aka the toy room.

  22. My office is the most disorganized room in my house. Probably because it is also the laundry room and where I store my treadmill. Help!!!!

  23. The most disorganized is my kitchen. The cupboards & drawers are a mess!

  24. My master bedroom is the worst, everything just gets thrown in there 🙂

  25. my bedroom is the most disorganized room in my house. I need to to get a handle on my clothes and clutter.

  26. my kitchen is the worst i have things stuffed into drawers and cupboards and i can never find anything

  27. The bathroom is probably the most disorganized, simply because there is not enough storage space.

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