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Lysol Healthy Hand Soap

Before it hit Canadian shelves, I had the opportunity to review a new product, Lysol Healthy Hand Soap, using the Healthy Touch Anti-Bacterial Soap Dispenser. Actually, I must say that a beautiful gift basket arrived from LYSOL with the Dispenser and Hand Towels. It was a lovely package, but I do admit it’s the Healthy Touch Anti-Bacterial Soap Dispenser that stole the show. It’s like an automatic soap dispenser that you’d see in most public bathrooms, yet more aesthetically-pleasing and family-friendly.

Lysol Healthy Hand Soap

I’m always on the hunt for new easier ways to do things around the home. One thing that has always bugged me, is trying to wash my hands at the kitchen sick when covered with food, or worse yet, raw meat juice. I cringe at even the thought of having to touch so many surfaces and bottles in order to get soap on my hands – even more maddening is then having to wash down and sanitize everything order to wash. Hand washing is crucial in stopping thespreading of germs – yet your soap pump can be loaded with a ton of bacteria!!

LYSOL’s Healthy Touch Anti-Bacterial Soap Dispenser is fully automatic – just wave your hand under the sensor and the perfect amount is dispensed into the hands. If you ever need to turn it off, there is a switch on the back to do so. The dispenser itself is the right size to place beside a sink, and is sturdy and very well buil

t. For the past few weeks I have washed my hands without ever having to touch another germ-infested pump soap. And, after I wash my hands, I don’t have to wash anything else down. It’s funny how one simple brilliant device can make such a difference in your everyday life!
I got the Soothing Cucumber Splash Scent {I love this scent!}, yet there is also Refreshing Grapefruit Essence and Cleansing Green Tea and Ginger as well. It’s a moisturizing soap that hasn’t dried out my hands during use.

Lysol Heathy Touch Anti-Bacterial Soap Dispenser and refill  cartridges

Lysol Healthy Hand Soap is now available at major grocery, mass and drug retailers across the country. The starter kit is a great price too, just $14.99 and includes one LYSOL No-Touch Dispenser, four “AA” batteries {yes, it comes with the batteries! Super!} and one 251 mL cartridge of LYSOL Healthy Touch Hand Soap.
And, the replacement cartridges retail for $4.49 each, which isn’t much at all considering I’m not half-way through my cartridge yet and I have been using it for at least 3 weeks. So, let’s just guess you may use one in a month – that’s under $5 for your kitchen soap {per month}. Now, considering all the soap I wasted trying to wash my hands, and then the bottles and pumps my hand also touched….Oh, and then there’s all the soap that was continually spilled when my soapy hands dropped that bottle …yep, I do very much like my Soap Dispenser from LYSOL. Will I buy more? You bet, it’s a product that I am happy to have been able to review, and will continue purchasing again and again. In fact, I may just place them in every bathroom….germs everywhere, begone!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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