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Kokopax City Carrier | Review

If there is one baby carrier that I have had my eye on for a long time, it’s the Kokopax line of carriers. As I see it, the easier – the better. After all, babywearing is all about hand-free convenience and being productive while carrying our children – so when it comes to the carrier itself, I like simplicity! And, when you look at the Kokopax Carrier, you will notice that it’s a backpack style with only the essentials when it comes to straps and buckles. I was able to review the Kokopax City Carrier, the first time I had ever tried a frame-style carrier. At first glance you may think ‘huge’, but I was totally surprised at how lightweight it is, weighing in around 2.7 lbs. And, since the Twins have outgrown most carriers that I used to wear {and by that I mean they don’t like the snuggled-in feel anymore}, I was delighted to find a carrier that met both our needs when it came to babywearing.


* positions baby at eye-level for 360 degree world view
* really easy to load (even for dads)
* made with durable, easy-to-clean fabric
* powder coated aluminum frame
* comfortable shoulder straps
* adjustable frame to fit individual user
* padded waist support
* handy storage pocket with Velcro closure
* kickstand for easy loading
* 5-pt. safety harness
* ties to secure pax protector™
* toy ring to attach koko™ or other toys
* weighs approximately 3 lbs.
* fits in airline overhead bins
* makes a great every day baby backpack that is great for indoors and outdoors!
* for use from 6 months to 2 years (or up to 35 pounds)
* patent pending
* certified by the JPMA to the ASTM F2549-09 Frame Child Carrier standard

As soon as I took the City Carrier out of the box, my Twins were excited. As I adjusted the shoulder straps to fit, they were all too eager to hop in and go for a ride. And, within 2 minutes, I had a baby in. I really like the handy kick-stand that stands the carrier up, so that you can place baby in – super easy to use! With others, I needed to practice the carrier multiple times before I trusted it – and after that, I was constantly adjusting the fabric and straps, trying to find a comfort zone. The Kokopax City Carrier is by far the easiest carrier I have used to date, and provides the most comfort right from the first wear.

I found that this back carrier is much easier to maneuver around while wearing, and it’s so comfortable and it feels so natural that you may start thinking that you are wearing an ordinary backpack. The ultra padded shoulder straps and lower back lumbar support can be adjusted to such a variety of sizes and body types. And, there is no waist strap which I just love. With others, I was always a little self-conscious about the waist strap, so I like that this one doesn’t have it. Plus, I can see this as being a huge plus for those expectant mothers!

The Kokopax City Carrier is great for using around the house to hiking to walking the city streets. As a parent, I like having both hands totally free to move about and do things safely, without worrying that Baby will grab things and be in the way. The Kokopax City Carrier comes in such great patterns and fabrics too, I really like that the Hot Chocolate design that I was sent. It’s a gender neutral color, making it Daddy-friendly too. I have found that males tend to shy away from front carriers and sling type carriers, yet the framed back carrier style is not frowned upon by the Men at all.

Of course, being a framed carrier, it’s not as compact as a lot of others. You can’t store it in a bag, but I found that unless I was wearing them, my carriers were in the car anyway. To me, the great features far outweigh the extra space that it takes up. One thing I do wish for the City Carrier, is more length in the straps. My Twins are under the age and weight limits for the Kokopax City carrier- yet the straps are almost too small to fit comfortably. For this reason, I do with they were longer than they are.

The girls just adore being in the Kokopax City Carrier, they are at a higher height and able to see the world. As well, they are not restrained like other carriers, and this freedom to still move a little makes them very happy. And, when it’s time to come out of the City Carrier, they make quite a fuss, kind of resembling the disappointment of leaving the playground. Yep, I would certainly say they are happy Toddlers in the Kokopax City Carrier!

If you have never tried a frame carrier before, I urge you to take the leap and test it out. I think you’ll be surprised at the comfort and features. It can be purchased from, for a price of $99.99. And, while there, check out all that Kokopax has to offer, including hats and very stylish and coordinating totes.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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