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Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Deodorant with PitiCure Treatment

When I found out that shaving reduces the top layer of your skin by 20%, I was most surprised. It’s no wonder that most people, including myself, suffer from constant irritation and dryness! Now, couple that with harsh weather, like we have in Western Canada – and it’s a recipe for skin disaster. Hydrating and moisturizing is key,but what about the underarms? It seems kinda odd to me to rub moisturizing lotion into my arm pits! Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Deodorant contains a tri-moisturizing system that soothes shaving irritation and helps replenish delicate underarm skin. this is called the PitiCure Treatment, a unique quality to this deodorant. Now, couple the PitiCure Treatment with its 24-hour odor and wetness protection, and you have yourself a deodorant that keeps you fresh and cares for your skin.

The tri-moisturizing system found in Dove Ultimate anti-perspirant/deodorant consists of the following moisturizers:

• Humectant – works like a magnet to hold in moisture under the skin’s surface, keeping delicate underarm skin conditioned
• Occlusive Layer – forms a layer on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss, which can cause dryness
• Nourishing Moisturizer – Contains natural sunflower oil that is known to help boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier to soothe shaving irritation and help deliver soft, smooth underarm skin with Dove 1/4 Translucent Moisturizers™

I got to try the new Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Deodorant – the new Light Radiance scent and Ultimate go fresh Burst, which is new to the Beauty Care family. I have to say that I am impressed. It smells good and lasts all day long. As a deodorant, it works great at keeping me dry and odorless – which is especially nice since I have been outside in the hot sun all day. And, it’s nice to have a deodorant that doesn’t leave white marks on shirts, especially when it’s sleeveless weather. And, I do notice a difference between this deodorant and others when it comes to soothing sore skin. After I shave, my skin gets red and blotchy, and very irritated. Putting on the Dove Ultimate Beauty Care Deodorant actually felt nice on the skin and helped to alleviate the discomfort.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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