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CafePress Personalized Gifts,

Sometimes shopping for a great personalized gift is a little difficult, especially when you don’t know too much about that person. This is exactly why I’ve had the CafePress website bookmarked on my computer for years now. Not only do they have an amazing amount of personalized gifts {seriously, dig in and you’ll be shocked at how much you can find}, but you need only know a couple of things about someone, in order to find the perfect personalized gift from CafePress. Do they like a certain movie?,a TV show? a sport? Are they a Grandparent? You can find millions of unique gifts at CafePress – for any topic, interest, or brand!

And, it’s not the simple name-on-an-item personalization either – these gifts are trendy, stylish and very unique. When I was offered up the chance to host a review and giveaway for CafePress – I was pretty excited. After all, I browsed the website countless times before. Yet, choosing my review items proved to be difficult. I knew I wanted to get something for myself, but narrowing down my wish list was difficult. In the end, I chose something which I am, and something which shows my interests. That’s why I headed to the outstanding ‘Twin and multiples’, and ‘Twilight’ sections on CafePress, and chose an item from each of those for review.,The Twin and Multiples items at CafePress just blow me away – there are items for parents, grandparents, sibling – you name it. You’ll find clothing, stickers, mugs, calendars, prints, ornaments – just so much. I settled on the Mother Of Twins Tote Bag. I chose this tote becasue it’s not one of those corny personalized ‘Mom’ items. This one has character and charm, bright colors and looks edgy. Only if you really look do you see the ‘Proud Mother Of Twins’ on it. And, being a sturdy canvas bag – I’m able to use it for just about anything. I really do like this bag, since I have wanted one for a while – yet never found a design that suited my personality and was comparible to who I actually am. This Mother Of Twins Tote Bag is wonderful – I really do like it so much! And, since it’s a hit with me, I like that CafePress shows me what else they offer in this great design – check out this Mother Of Twins Raglan Shirt. That’s pretty rocker-mom, also unlike other mommy shirts!

Cullen Crest Tee ShirtIn the Twilight section, I wanted a Tee, but I was on the hunt for something unlike the usual Twilight-Fan Tee. After all, I love the books, admire the author – and yes, I think Edward and Jacob are hot. But mostly, I wanted more of a grown-up fan shirt. It didn’t take me long at all to stumble upon the Cullen Crest (Big) Women’s Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt. I chose the brown color, yet it also comes in black. Unlike tees,hat has the actors’ faces on them, or some catchy phrase – I admire this tee for being modern, mature and very tasteful. It doesn’t scream ‘Twilight’, but pays tribute to the books, the author, the Cullen family and the Twilight movies with the Cullen Crest on the front. It fits wonderfully in width and length and has washed and dried many times without issue. And, as you can tell, the picture from the website doesn’t do it justice {sorry CafePress}. The colors of the crest are quite vivid and detailed as compared to the views in the site photos. A true symbol of my personal interests, this Cullen Crest Tee is one of my favorite tees right now. And, I will be wearing it to opening night of Eclipse!!

Whether it be for yourself, or as a gift – you have to check out CafePress and see all the personalized gifts they have available. And, for my Canadian readers, make sure to head to the site, and shipping costs are more than reasonable too!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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  1. I follow @MyChaos and @cafepress on Twitter, my username (@margaretimecs)

  2. Oh I like the I Heart my hubby tote & the tee with the milk & cookies holding hands:)

  3. I would get if I won the tshirt that says owned by the canadian forces and the tote i would like if i won is proud air force mom My son is in the canadian air force and and my husband is in the army and my dad used to be in the army. So its in my blood.

  4. I would get the Ireland Tote bag and Irish Girl
    Women’s Fitted T-Shirt

  5. wow im not sure, there’s so many good ones! if i win, ill pick!

  6. I’d choose the Adopt a Friend for Life humane society tote bag and the “All I wanted was a backrub” maternity tee (too funny!)

  7. I like so many of the running shirts. I think I would just choose a shirt that says run. More half marathon shirts would be awesome!

  8. I like the Fibromyalgia white T shirt and I am not mooving well today tote

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  9. I would choose the Oh Snap Detailed Dark Tshirt,product ID 329671536 and the I Love Law & Order Tote Bag ID 95095300.

  10. I would love to have the End up in my blog Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt and the
    iTweet Tote Bag

  11. I would choose the Confidential Job Dark tee and the I’m Not Bossy I just know what you should be doing tote bag.

  12. I would get the “this is how i roll” t-shirt and the “louis louis” tote bag…
    what a great giveaway!

  13. I enjoyed looking through their selection. My husband would love so many of the political shirts. I’d let him choose one but he’d like “Last Day”, “Thomas Jefferson”, and the “If you voted for Obama” infant/toddler shirt. I’d choose the Daddy’s Co Pilot tote bag for my son.

  14. All the shirts & totes look attractive. I’d chose the Adopt A Friend For Life Humane Society Tote Bag and the Me-Ma Heart Flutter Women’s Dark T-Shirt in

  15. I like the Bite Me (dark background) Women’s V-Neck Dark TShirt and the Ready for Asian Tote!

  16. I’d go with the tote bag (messenger bag) that says: Daddy’s Fishing Princess and the maternity shirt that says “Daddy’s Princess” (black).

  17. Oh wow, so many, many to choose from. I didn’t realize there were thousands of options! I really like the Art Nouveau Harpist Tote Bag. As for the shirt, I would pick one of the maternity ones but I can’t decide which one. Probably one of the ones that says “baby wants ___” (some type of food). All of them are pretty funny!

  18. okay i have a thousand favorites but could have spent all night there on the t shirts so i will say I’m being repressed! Dark T-Shirt it is from monty python , very funny my teens would all have favorite too , so may good ones i like the I Love Vampires bag for my teenage daughter
    staceyx at telus dot net

  19. i Follow My Chaos with Google Friend Connect (roswell)
    staceyx at telus dot net

  20. i Like’ My Organized Chaos on Facebook stacey dempsey
    staceyx at telus dot net

  21. i Like’ CafePress on Facebook stacey dempsey
    staceyx at telus dot net

  22. If I won I would have to go for the ‘My Cupcakes Bring all the Boys to the Yard’ I just got into baking and pastry school and the kitchen boys at my job have already cracked that joke a few times!

  23. I would choose the Canada Flag Women’s Cap Sleeve T-Shirt and the Je T’aime Tote Bag


  24. I follow on google friend connect


  25. I like you on facebook – Belinda M


  26. I’d pick the Shakespeare Expelliarmus Women’s Dark tee in red and the The Angels Have the Phone Box tote bag.

  27. I would choose the I am a Librarian! and get a tote to match!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  28. The U Need Electricity shirt is one of my favourites and the BFF bacon and eggs tote is adorable! Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. I would love for myself the “Peace Love and Coffee Tiles” T-shirt and Sinjon Smith tote bag.

  30. I would choose the I Love Science Women’s Light T-Shirt and the Breast Cancer Dragonfly Tote Bag.

  31. don’t tell me what I can’t do shirt and the saywers nicknames tote

  32. I like the “You’ve Got a Purdy Mouth” tee and then farmer tan bag!

  33. I like:

    I Love Blogs
    Tote Bag

    Cupcakes Lot
    Women’s V-Neck Dark T-Shirt

  34. i want the Tee that says “boston terrier mom”
    and the tote the hide and seek boston terrier bag!

  35. I subscribe to RSS – have it on my igoogle page

    thecreatorspalette at gmail dot com

  36. So many choices!! I like the Hope Women’s Cap Sleeve t-shirt and the Believe tote bag.

  37. I would like a Save Ferris T-Shirt and a “A Boombox Can Change the World” tote bag.

  38. I’d love the Mothers of Little Boys
    Tote Bag and Big Daddy’s little buddy
    Infant/Toddler T-Shirt.

  39. Nearly imposable decision!

    Few of my favorites..
    Hell Bent, Heaven Sent Tote Bag
    Love Hurts Tote Bag
    Vampiress Tote Bag
    I Want To Be A Vampire Women’s Dark T-Shirt
    Come To The Dark Side… Dark T-Shirt
    I Leave Bite Marks Women’s Dark T-Shirt

    And I could go on and on!

  40. I actually have a shop through CafePress, and there are so many of my designs I’d like to give to friends but can’t afford to (I’m earning about $2 a month on the shop right now), so the Sleep Deprived Parent/Tantrum Zone tote I got would be a gift. For the shirt I might get a Tantrum Zone shirt for my little one, a sleep deprived parent shirt for one of my new mom friends, a “I Drank the Water” shirt for a pregnant friend of mine, or this Roses are #FF0000 shirt I saw and loved on there for myself.

    ecarian at yahoo dot com

  41. I would get the Girls Softball Women’s V-Neck Dark T-Shirt and bag to match. Thank yo u!!

  42. I would get a tiger tote bag for my husband and I to use shopping and a black event horizon t-shirt for my husband.

  43. Awesome products!

    I ‘d choose the Lucky devil tote bag and the modern medicine plus size shirt. hehe awesome stuff♥

  44. I would love the ‘mom of twins-classic over acheiver’ tee and the tote that says: yes they are twins, with answers to all the questions! I, like you, love all the twin stuff for the entire family!

  45. Woa…….there are WAY too many to pick from….but, I did see a very cool “Eat Kale” tote, and a cool coffee illustration tee!

  46. I like My Organized Chaos and Cafepress on Facebook. Also follow both on twitter. I would like a Black Panther t-shirt that says I am a revolutionary…(for women)

  47. I’d like a caffeine and chocolate tote bag please and a black panther t shirt that says I am a revolutionary…

    I like cafepress and my organized chaos on facebook and twitter.

  48. Wow, so many options… I think I’d have to go for a Twilight shirt also. I’d get the Twilight Organic Women’s Fitted T-Shirt Product #: 412039357 and for the tote I think I’d go with the Saved by Grace Tote Bag Product #: 291857469.

  49. I could browse Cafe Press for hours – they have such a wonderful selection. I’d choose the Circle of Music Tote Bag and the Gravity Law Jr. Raglan tee in black/white, women’s size small.

  50. For the Tote I’d love ‘The Perfect Afternoon’ (reading), and Tee would be ‘Just Call Me Supermom’. 🙂

  51. I would pick the cicero quote tote bag and do you know where your library books are so that I could give them to my librarian Mom as a birthday present. They are very cute.


  52. I follow with google friend connect as luckycat1818.


  53. I would buy the LOST Whatever Happened Flight Shirt and the I’d Hit That Every 108 Minutes tote bag! I love LOST!

  54. mystery science theater 3000 Jr. Raglan black/white size small
    Rub My Shamrock Tote Bag

  55. I would choose “My husband carries an M-4” under Army Humor, and it would be for my daughter-in-law.

  56. I would choose the The Pie Hole Women’s V-Neck Dark T-Shirt and The Pie Hole Tote Bag!

  57. I want the Dallas Zombie Unit Tee Shirt and the I’d Rather Be Killing Zombies Tote Bag.

  58. I love the Canada White Tshirt #256004051 in size L
    Eh? Canadian Tote Bag #276462417

    Great contest – thank you! I’ve been to Toronto and loved it.

  59. I’d like to have the Women’s Dark Side of the Moon Shirt (359238440) in large and the Mos Eisley tote (418794873).

  60. I like the Mom of Boys…. Women’s Dark T-Shirt and the Blue Soccer Mom Design Beach Tote 🙂

  61. I’d get one of the many save a shelter dog designs, and I’d choose the Women’s V-Neck T-shirt.

  62. For the shirt, I would choose the Crazy cat lady blue Women’s Plus Size Scoop Neck and for the bag I would order the Obsessive Cat Disorder Tote Bag
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  63. I follow you publicly on Google Friends Connect (Carolsue)
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  64. I subscribe to your blog’s newsletter by e-mail
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  65. I like you on Facebook!
    Carol Anderson Ezovski
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  66. I like Cafe Press on Facebook!
    Carol Anderson Ezovski
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  67. I would get the “Cello Chick” tee for my college daughter who plays cello, and an Italian flag tote for a relative going to Italy this summer. Thanks.

  68. I would choose the Bigfoot Women’s V-Neck Dark T’s
    and the ask why tote!

  69. Id choose the
    Monkey Graduation 2010
    Tote Bag CAD $21
    and the Class of 2010
    Women’s Dark T-Shirt

  70. I would choose the Stare if you must T’s and Fight Autism Butterfly
    Tote Bag

  71. i would choose the
    Labrador Retriever
    Dark T-Shirt $24 and the
    Tote Bag $17

  72. I would choose the Romney Girl Tote Bag and the Romney Right Fit 2012 White-T-Shirt.

  73. The tshirt: Like totally never, ever, more White T-Shirt <– love it!!

    The tote: "They're real, and they're spectacular" Tote Bag

  74. I would choose the Sushi Women’s T-Shirt and the SUSHI, SHOPPING, AND ALL THAT Tote Bag.

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