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Tiny Teethers

If a product is effective, we Mom’s will certainly hear about it, and that what I love about social media. When a Mother finds a solution to her everyday strife, she will talk – and other Mom’s will indeed listen. And, that’s what happened to Anne, founder of western Canada’s own Tiny Teethers. When her toddler was teething, and restless and irritable as a result, another Mom recommended that she use Hazelwood Necklaces. And, simply put – it worked. And that is exactly my story too, I first tried Hazelwood necklaces on my children when a friend recommended them to me – and it worked wonders for my Twins.,

Hazelwood was first used to soothe teething pains by the aboriginal people long long ago. Hazelnut trees have the unique property of absorbing the excess acid produced in our bodies when in contact with our skin. And, many ailments are caused by excess acid {ulcers, heartburn, acid reflux, teething, arthritis, constipation, headaches, eczema, psoriasis, acne and many more},The pure Hazelwood necklaces at Tiny Teethers are Canadian Hand Made from start to finish, from organically grown Hazelwood trees in Quebec. I was able to review the Purple Flower Hazelwood Necklaces on my Twin girls, both suffer from eczema and teething. The necklaces are really pretty, strong and of great quality. The fit the girls perfectly and are very attractive necklaces. That being said, they are made tough, they won’t break with the pulling of little fingers. And, they are not long enough for them to push up to their mouths and chew on. My girls have always worn Hazelwood necklaces, and they are used to them – they have never even played nor tugged on them.

Like I said, my Twins have always worn Hazelwood necklaces, yet I did have to take them off during our trip to Mexico. So, they didn’t wear them for almost 3 weeks. And, I sure could tell the difference!! My Katie was teething so bad, and was often very miserable and in pain. I gave her acetaminophen there, yet it was a shame since I knew that if she could wear the necklaces – all would be better. And, as soon as we returned home, I put the necklaces back on the girls, and within hours they were both back to their usual selves. Katie stopped crying and chewing on her hands. She no longer cried when she bit down on harder food. And, for Sophia who suffers from terrible eczema on her back and arms, I notice a significant decrease in the eczema and her skin starts clearing up within 12 hours. Fact is, I am a 100% believer in Hazelwood necklaces as natural remedies. There is no doubt in my mind.
Hazelwood necklaces are not only natural, beautifully designed and Canadian, they work!,

The child necklaces are only $16 and should last about 6 months {depending on the acidity in the body. Get more information at the website for recommendations on Hazelwood products For instance, those with nut allergies can most certainly wear Hazelwood products!} As well, shipping is free within Canada and only $2 to the US – you just can’t beat that!

From a Mom that used to buy every cream, lotion and teething ointment on the market, I have personally never used such an effective teething relief as Hazelwood products. And, I save a ton of money too! If Hazelwood has worked with your child, let me know – spread the word. Let’s help other Moms!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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  1. I would choose the 0-2size in the purple flower! They sound like such a great idea!

  2. i would choose the adult model Amethyst Crystal & White
    in the 16 inch necklace
    I am a fan of My Organized Chaos on facebook
    anyluckyday now random org will pick me hope its this one

  3. I would choose the Adult Black & Clear size 20″ for my self!

    cjwheeler at sympatico dot ca

  4. I follow with Google Friend Connect

    cj wheeler at sympatico dot ca

  5. i would choose the adult model Amethyst Crystal & White
    in the 16 inch necklace Very Cute!

  6. I follow My Organized Choas via Google Friend Connect

  7. All clear one in 11 inches for my cousin who is newly preggers! I’m past the teething stage, but this would have been helpful and she’ll love it!

  8. I would choose the 2 to 4 year old: 13 inches size for my son.

    I liked the tiny teethers Green and Grey one.

  9. I would choose the 11″ pink flower and boy does this sound like it would come in handy right about now;)

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