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Sun Protection with UV Skinz

We just returned from 2 glorious weeks in the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. It was the first time we had traveled with the kids, and the first time that the Twin Toddlers were away from home for the night. Many preparations and plans were done in the months before departure. I am an organized Mom by nature, so you can imagine that this adventure was a huge undertaking for myself – and a huge success at that, I must add! Yippee!

The girls loved everything about the trip, especially being able to play outdoors in the sun. Our cold Canadian Winters last far too long, and the warm outdoor days are very limited where we live. So, this was a huge change for the kids, and the hot weather is something we are all not used to. To protect the kids form sunburns and UV rays, I took quite a variety of sunscreens and hats with us for the trip. But nothing proved to be more effective foe sun protection that the clothing, provided to them from UV SKinz.

I featured UV Skinz last Spring on My Organized Chaos, and if you are not familiar with the heartfelt story behind the origins of the company – you must update yourself on how UV Skinz came to be. It’s is a family owned and operated business that is driven on providing sun safety and protection of health to families everywhere. They provide Sun-safe clothing {that block 98% of harmful UV rays} for members of the entire family.

Now, here is my story: After just a couple of days in Mexico, I became very disappointed in the sunscreen products I brought with us. I wore 50 SPF sunscreen and burnt my skin so bad it blistered, which surprised me as I have never burned in the sun before. I became almost OCD about applying sunscreen and slathered the girls with it almost hourly. In fact, I went through an entire bottle of sunscreen for my family in just 3 days! To my disappointment, the girls got red and blotchy as well. And this was from the 50 SPF sunscreen for kids!! Now, what caused our burns I’m not sure, yet something needed to be done to protect my family for 2 weeks in the hot Mexican sun. I was wasting my time and money by using the sunscreens I had, not to mention putting my family’s health at risk.

Fact: One bad burn in childhood doubles the risk factor
for melanoma later in life.

My friends at UV SKinz came to my rescue and sent the girls some UV protectant clothing, priority mailed right to our resort in Mexico. Yes, they are that passionate about skin protection!!

Sun Protection with UV SkinzThe UV protectant clothes my kids received were all Skargyle tops with matching hot pink board shorts. The tops are a black and pink skull and cross bones pattern, very trendy and appealing to both the adults and my pink-loving girls. This particular top is long sleeved, yet there are many with short sleeves as well. The board shorts are the perfect length, especially for the Twins who like to crawl occasionally. It kept the Twins knees covered from the sun and also the abrasive sidewalks and pool floors. The board shorts are also a thicker material, making them extra durable. Since my girls bodies were almost entirely covered, I only had to sunscreen their hands and lower calves and feet. From the day that they started wearing their UV Skinz {until the end of our trip}, their skins didn’t get red nor irritated anymore. Their UV Skinz were comfortable for them in and out of the pool, and the clothing dried surprisingly fast too, making it easy for them to sit comfortable at the pool Bar for a lunch break in between swims. The UV Skinz apparel they wore were great hits ot the resort – we received many compliments on their attire from people from all over the world. Yes, my 3 girls looked pretty cute, but their safety for their health was always on my mind too. As they played safely in the sun, I was able to put down my bottles of sunscreen and relax knowing that UV Skinz was doing it’s job!!

My family and I send a HUGE Thank You to UV Skinz for ensuring that we had a comfortable, fun and safe time in the Mexican sun.

Sun Protection with UV Skinz

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.

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  1. Great story… the Skargyle tops with matching hot pink board shorts clothing are very cute! Must get some for my son when we go to the cottage this July.

    1. Watch for a discount code to use when shopping, and giveaway coming very soon, Patricia!!
      They are fabulous, saved me on our trip – for sure!

  2. The twins are adorable!! the clothes fabulous!! Twenty years ago we were blessed to have beautiful, baby twin girls come into our life … and such joy they gave to us and still do. Loved the “twin talk”! they knew .. we didn’t!:) I made a bed for them in our room and it makes me smile now thinking/seeing their beautiful faces peeking around at us! Your heart does melt!! and to this day it still melts. Thanks for your pix and the memories it stirred!! Priceless! and, oh yes .. those pix you took of them in Daddy’s office chair! a must at any girl’s wedding!!
    Pink Hugs,

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