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Naturalizer | New Year, New You…New Feet,Naturalizer footwear has a current campaign they are calling “New year, new you, new…feet”. They are encouraging busy Moms who are on their feet all day, to stand up and start caring for their tired feet. Their reflexologist {and fellow busy Mom of three}, Michelle Ebbin, has worked with clients such as mommy Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd.

She is advocating for some quick and easy tips to help any mom start the year off on the right foot:
* 15 minutes of…comfort: When selecting a shoe, you should be able to walk for at least 15 minutes without discomfort or pressure to any part of the feet. Even if you live in heels, you should be able to feel balanced and stable enough so that you are not carrying all of your body weight on the balls of your feet. Balance ensures that your core is stable and energy circulation can flow easily. Stability promotes stress relief and improved posture.
* Breathe easy: Every woman knows how annoying sweaty, sliding feet can be. And when your feet can’t breathe, your energy can’t flow. Find shoes with a breathable lining. By keeping your feet cool, and comfortable, you can relieve and prevent energy blockages in the feet.
* Lighten up and embrace the softer side: Hard, clunky shoes are more than just ugly, they can affect your circulation. The lighter the weight and the softer the cushioning, the less pressure on your feet which means better circulation.
* The 2010 shoe mantra – NO BREAKING IN: Flexibility means no “breaking-in” period. Supportive, lightweight shoes lessen the impact of gravity, which can wreck havoc on your feet and your entire body. Buy shoes that feel good straight out of the box.

I was able to review a pair of shoes from Naturalizer as part of their ‘New year, new you, new…feet’ campaign, with thanks to Family Review Network. In order to choose my pair, I decided to go to my local Naturalizer and try on some pairs. And that trip to the store started my very own New Year, New Me!

I walked right into the store and proclaimed that I was not there to buy, just to try on and surprisingly I got the best customer service that I had ever encountered in all my shoe-shopping years. Not only was the sales associate friendly and very helpful to me, but she was pleasant and was able to keep my 3 girls entertained as well.,I have always, sadly, worn a size 10 shoe. Yet we soon discovered that I was wearing the wrong size for my entire life. I am actually a size 8.5 W! When the sales associate told me this tidbit of information, I thought she was crazy, that is until I tried on a pair in that size. I fell in love with the Naturalizer Olympia shoe, in size 8.5 and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever worn. Who would have thought?! They are classic black in color, so trendy and fashionable whether dressed up or paired with a pair of jeans. They are slip ons with a leather upper with a softly squared toe. A T-strap,styling with s Mary Jane strap and decorative button detail. It has a very smooth lining with a comfortable cushioned insole, and a trendy 1 1/4 inch sporty wedge heel. The fit of this shoe is remarkable, hugging and supporting my foot in all the right places. I walk proud in my Olympia 8.5’s, could it be I now know what Carrie Bradshaw feels like? Oh yes, I adore these shoes, and my entire Naturalizer experience. I will most certainly be back for more, I promise you. After all, it’s a New Year, New Me and I have a New shoe {size}!

**Use the Coupon code: NTWELL and get 15% off your order at or
{some exclusions do apply, valid thru 6/10/2010}.
If you shop online at naturalizer online and you aren’t satisfied with the size or type of shoe you receive, you can always take that pair {along with the receipt} and exchange at a Naturalizer shoe store near you! {and yes, I learned that little tidbit of information from my helpful sales associate}

Is it a New Year, New shoe for you as well?,

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. My husband & I both use to sell shoes…he managed a store here in our City. Infact, he won a contest YEARS ago designing a ladies shoe for Naturalizer. They called it Cecile (couldn’t very well call it his name..Cecil!) We still have a plaque they presented to him with the first “Cecile” shoe out of production mounted on it!
    They are a very comfortable shoe!

  2. Oh wow – I can’t believe you were wearing the wrong size all that time! These shoes look so comfortable – I have just got to try them. Thanks!

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