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M&M Meat Shops,
As much as I like the excitement of being introduced to new products and companies through product reviews, I just love it when I have the opportunity to feature one that I have known and trusted for many,. Take M&M Meat Shops, my family {even extended family} has shopped there for many years. It’s a Kitchener, ONT based business that first opened in 1980. Now, they have 468 locations all across Canada.

M&M Meat Shops offers convenient and affordable frozen meal solutions. Personally, We utilize M&M Meat Shops each and every week. They just have such a great selection for everyday meals and right to the special occasions.,Some of our own favorites include their Appetizers and Finger Foods, Supreme Homestyle Lasagna, Stuffed Potatoes  and the Apple Butter Pork Tenderloin. And, I purchase only their boneless skinless chicken breasts, no other brand even compares in my opinion. This is one item that I buy many boxes of, when I go! Just thinking of the delicious meals from M&M Meat Shops makes me so hungry!

So, when I was asked if I’d like to do a review and giveaway for M&M Meat Shops, I was thrilled. There is, in fact, so many delicious foods that I could talk about, yet I would like to specifically discuss a new dessert with you! It’s called the Lavalicious Chocolate Cake, which is a single-serve chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache center. Normally I would have taken my own picture, especially when it comes to food. But honestly, the press photo is exactly how it looks! Now, how often is the food you get an exact representation of the picture? Yep, almost never, right? So, right away I was,
Now, you have two choices when it comes to cooking this frozen treat – microwave and stove. In the stove it takes about 20 min….but I wanted this sweet treat faster than that. So, I took my chances and tried the microwave, cooking it for about 45 seconds. Not a bad choice in the least, in fact, I prefer this faster method especially since reheating in the microwave doesn’t affect the flavor, texture or taste at all. Now onto the taste! The Lavalicious Chocolate Cake is rich, moist and so creamy….ahh, look out Chocolate Truffle Dream Cake from M&M Meat Shops – I have a new favorite dessert! The Lavalicious Chocolate Cake’s are so convenient, easy and delicious. And they aren’t at all skimpy and small either – they are generous single-served portions! I urge you to stop by M&M Meat Shops on your way home and pick some up {they are only $1.79 each!}. They are a good idea for serving to your next dinner guests, I’m pretty sure they will be most impressed {watch them lick the plate, in fact}! Or you could be like me – and anxiously countdown until bedtime so you don’t have to share with the kids…oh yes I did!

For the perfect presentation, simply sprinkle the Lavalicious Chocolate Cake with powdered sugar, or add a scoop of your favorite M&M Meat Shops ice cream and serve. Mmmmm….

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I’d get…..Oriental Party Pak, Garlic Pork Ribs, Mini Quiche Florentine and Ginger Beef yum yum!

  2. I’d get the boneless skinless chicken breasts, beef tortellini, chicken club pizza and apple blossom

  3. mini cheese pizza, Oriental Party Pak, bacon wraped scallops, and chicken wings

  4. I would pick: Supreme Homestyle Lasagna, Angus Beef Burgers, Bacon wrapped scallop and Barbecue Pork All Meat Kabob.

  5. I would pick :

    Mozarella Sticks
    BBQ Chicken Wings
    Breakfast Sausage Rounds
    and the Apple Crisp.

    All things I already know and love!

  6. I love their garlic shrimp, salmon, breaded chicken breasts and butter tart bars. YUM!

  7. MMMM – we love M&M! I’d definitely get some of their Supreme Homestyle Beef Burgers, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Fall off the Bone BBQ Back Ribs, Beer Battered Shrimp, and so much more!!

  8. I’d get Lemon Pepper Sole, Chicken Nuggets, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Far East Vegetable Blend !!

  9. My favorite is their teriyaki steak but I would also get their frozen mini pizzas, coffee ice cream and the herb and garlic steak

  10. I would get the bacon wrapped filet mignons, lavalicious chocolate cake, crispy french fries and dry garlic pork

  11. breaded ckn breast, zuchinni sticks,oriental party pack & ckn portabello

  12. Is it wrong that my 4 choices would be sweets? LOL. I adore their Buttertart Bars, Mini Eclairs, Raspberry Almond Tart and The Too Tall Lemon and Cream Cake. All love devine and delish.

  13. Breakfast Wrap
    TOO TALL® White Chocolate Raspberry Cake
    Smoked Sockeye Salmon
    Barbecue Chicken Wings
    those would be the four i would get
    My Organized Chaos Fan on Facebook yes i am

  14. Yumm I love M&M. I would get the Calamari, cabbage rolls, Lasgana and the Mozza sticks. Those are staples in our house!

  15. Oh, delish…now I’m starving!! lol
    I’d pick bacon wrapped filet mignon, chicken wings, coffee ice cream and peanut satay kabobs which are my personal fave!!

  16. I would get the Bistro Chicken Ricotta & Spinach, the Cedar Planked Salmon, the Classic Marinara Sauce and the Chicken Club Pizza, they all sound and look so good!

  17. Apple Crisp, Chicken Spring Rolls , Chicken Club Pizza, Sweet potatoe fries! They all look so yummy


  19. I would definitely get the Crepes Suzette, the battered onion rings, the breaded mushrooms, and the supreme homestyle lasagna

  20. I will definitely get the Barbecue Chicken Wings, Bacon Wrapped Top Sirloin Steaks, Shrimp Platter with Seafood Sauce & Belgian Chocolate Fruit Selection for dessert. YUM.


  21. I like the frozen boneless skinless chicken breast and their chicken club pizza. For two more I would love to try their Supreme Homestyle Lasagna and their Beef Tortellini.

  22. I would get the cheezgrillz (my boys love these), breaded chicken breasts(another favorite at my house), onion petals and chocolate fudge brownies.

  23. I would totally get

    Fall off the bone barbecue back ribs
    dollar chips
    steak and onion potato wedges

    plus much more!!

  24. I would get Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers , Cantonese Style Egg Rolls , Too Deep™ Apple Crumble ,Too Deep™ Bumbleberry Crumble ….oh and so much more ! Love M + M !

  25. I would get philly style beef steaks, raspberry almond tart, too deep bumbleberry crumble, pepper sirloin steaks.

  26. MMMM
    I’d get:
    fall off the bone baby back ribs
    beef wellington
    bistro chicken with ricotta and spinach
    buttertart bars

  27. My must have 4 would be:
    1. The Oriental Pak
    2. The Vegetable Spring Rolls
    3. The Meatballs
    4. The Honey Garlic sauce (for the meatballs)

    Just for the record I LIVE at M&M Meats!!!!

  28. Mmm..
    I would get some Mozerella sticks, Fall Off the Bone”TM Back Ribs, Battered Onion Rings, and some sweet potato fries.
    Thanks!!! Now I’m hungry!! 🙂

  29. Oriental Party Pak, Shrimp Platter with Seafood Sauce , the Cedar Planked Salmon, and Garlic Chicken Wings.

  30. We love M&M Meats! I’d def get their boneless skinless chicken breasts (best frozen chicken there is!), some of their garlic bread, some peanut butter ice cream (to die for) and bearpaw hamburger patties.

  31. I would pick-Bistro Chicken Swiss,Bacon Wrapped Chicken,Beef Tortellini and Cheese and Spinach Cannelloni.

  32. I would get the bacon wrapped chicken, bacon wrapped turkey,bistro chicken swiss and the bistro chicken portobello! It’s making me hungry just looking at them!!! :O)

  33. hope this isn’t a repeat…I got an error saying I was posting too quickly?!

    I would get the bacon wrapped chicken, the bacon wrapped turkey, the bistro chicken swiss & the bistro chicken portobello

  34. Wow, so many choices! 4 items that I would like to try out are:
    Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon
    Strawberry Cream Cheesecake
    Classic French Quiche
    Bistro Chicken Ricotta & Spinach

  35. My fav items are:
    Barbecue Pulled Pork Wraps (O.M.G. just omg. omg. O.M.G. to die for.)
    Oriental Party Pak
    Cabbage Rolls
    Butter Chicken

  36. i would get Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Bistro Chicken® Swiss,breaded Chicken Breasts, and Bacon Wrapped Scallops

  37. Supreme Homestyle Lasagna, Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Stuffed Potato Shells and Too Deep Bumbleberry Crumble. Yummy…

  38. I would love to get Buttertart Bars, Chicken Alfredo Bites, Buffalo Chicken All Meat Kabob and Chicken Club Pizza. I love chicken!

  39. I would get the Buffalo Style Chicken Wings, Chicken Parmigiana, Perogies and Caramel Apple Blossom.

  40. My 4 choices are:
    1. Barbecue Chicken Wings
    2. Breaded Mushrooms
    3. Cheese & Spinach Cannelloni…. and
    4. Breaded Haddock Fillets

  41. I love and always purchase there vegetable lasagna, boneless skinless chicken breasts, chicken breast strips and cannelloni. Yum!!!!

  42. 6 cheese tortellini bowl, bistro chicken ricotta and spinach, buffalo chicken meat kabob and black pepper beef

  43. Wow i never realized they had so much stuff! I just thought it was a butcher shop!

    1. too tall triple berry mouse cake
    2. vegetarian lo mein
    3. homestyle chicken noodle soup
    4. lavalicious chocolate cake mmmmmmm

  44. I would choose the oriental party pack, the apple butter pork tenderloin, the bacon wrapped top sirloin steak (yah BBQ season) and the chocolate swirl cream cheesecake.

  45. Yum, yum, yum!!! I am a regular at m&m meat shop so for this I am going to write things that I have never tried but that I would love to: breaded mushrooms, lumberjack chili, shrimp&scallop pasta bowl and the raspberry almond tart! So so yummy!

  46. There would be a few things i would buy. Chicken Kiev, Chicken Fajitas and Beef Filet Mignons. I think i am getting hungry just looking at all the food.

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  50. Oh I love M&M’s
    1Bacon wrapped Turkey
    2. Oriental Party Pack
    3. Bacon wrapped Chicken
    4. Peanut Chicken Satays…mmmm

    modernmom@rocketmail dot com

  51. I would definately buy Supreme Homestyle Lasagna, it’s delicious. I would buy Battered Onion Rings, I would buy Barbecue Chicken Wings, I would buy
    Apple Crisp. I love shopping at M&M.

  52. My choices are: Butter chicken, Cabbage rolls, Bacon wrapped scallops and Angus beef burgers…you just reminded me…time to go restock my freezer.

  53. Sesame Chicken Noodle Bowl, Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons
    Chocolate Truffle Dream Cake
    Cedar Planked Salmon

  54. I would get and usually do get when I go to M&M are Buttertart Bars,Battered Onion Rings,Breaded Mushrooms,Bacon Wrapped Scallops
    Twitter Missviper2

  55. My fav’s from M&M would be the Bacon Griddle Stacker, Pasta & Vegetable Salad, Stuffed Potatoes and best for last the Certified Angus Beef Texas Sirloin Steak, YUMMY!!!!

  56. I’d choose the chicken quesadillas, the shepherd’s pie, the chicken and dumplings and one of their apple pies!

  57. I would get the battered onion rings, the supreme homestyle lasagna, butter chicken and the macaroon madness bars. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  58. I would for sure get their cedar planked salmon, the Crunchy Almond Bars, their Caramel Tiramisu Cake, and my husband would die if I forgot to get his Filet Mignons!

  59. I love M&M’s, their frozen meals have been a huge life saver the last few months with the arrival of our son we haven’t had much time to cook and its nice to have something easy to pull out of the freezer. I would definitely try the Lavalicious Chocolate cakes (they sound like a chocoholic’s dream). I’d also get the Beef Wellington, the BBQ Pork Meat Kabobs, and their Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts.

  60. I would get the Apple Crisp, the Banana Chocolate Chip Cake, the Beer Battered Shrimp, and the Canadian Sea Scallops.

  61. I would get:
    Supreme Homestyle Lasagna
    Cheese & Spinach Cannelloni
    Apple Butter Pork Tenderloin
    Chocolate Swirl Cream Cheesecake

  62. calamari,frozen mini pizzas, coffee ice cream and the herb and garlic steak

  63. I have been craving their Too Tall- Tuxedo truffle cake- it’s a family favorite so that is on the top of my list. I would also get Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers and the Ultimate Cream Puff Selection. I would love to try the Bistro Chicken Ricotta & Spinach – that sounds so good!

    thanks for the chance. Yasmineo142[[at]

  64. I am a follower & I love their french onion soup….delish & great fruit available…

  65. Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
    Strawberry Cream Cheesecake
    Supreme Homestyle Lasagna
    Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

  66. I would definitely love:
    1) The Butternut squash supreme side
    2) Breaded scallops
    3) Breaded calamari rings
    4) Mini cream puffs.

    A complete meal! Yum! 😉

    teagirl1 at telus dot net

  67. Hutong Noodles
    Chicken Primavera
    Bacon “Griddle Stacker”
    Bacon Wrapped Scallops

  68. I would get their French Onion soups, Crêpes Suzette, Butternut Squash Supreme Side and Battered Zucchini Sticks for sure!

  69. I’d get some Battered Zuchinni Sticks, some Garlic Bread, Chicken Fried Rice and Peanut Butter Chocolate Persuasion Ice Cream (my weakness!).

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  71. I would choose the TOO TALL® Oranges & Cream Cake, Cabbage Rolls,
    Breaded Shrimp and the Steak & Onion Potato Wedges.

  72. My fav items are:
    Barbecue Pulled Pork Wraps (O.M.G. just omg. omg. O.M.G. to die for.)
    Oriental Party Pak
    Cabbage Rolls
    Butter Chicken

  73. I would get :
    boneless skinless chicken breasts
    supreme homestyle lasagna
    lavalicious chocolate cake
    breaded mushrooms

  74. I would get Scalloped Potatoes, Shepards Pie, Canelloni, Fettucinie

  75. MMMM Yummy

    I will start with the Fall Off The Bone Bbq Backribs and the Rosemary Pull-apart Bread (or the Petite Baguettes), the Supreme Homestyle Lasagne and the Nanaimo Bars… the Sirloin Beef Burgers too….
    They offer too many items to list only 4!

  76. I would get bacon wrapped filet mignon, lavalicious chocolate cake, macaroon madness bars and bacon wrapped scallops…yummy

  77. I would get Battered Zucchini and Calamari cause it my daughters favorite appetizer and for dessert Apple Crisp and Banana Chocolate Chip Cake.

  78. I would definately get
    bacon wrapped-scallops
    peppercorn sirloin steaks
    smoked sockeye salmon
    bacon wrapped filet mignon or sirloin steaks


  79. I’d probably get Chicken & Shrimp Cantonese, Philly Style Beef Steaks, Peaches & Cream Corn and Lavalicious Chocolate Cake

  80. I would get the Hutong Noodles, Crêpes Suzette, Bacon “Griddle Stacker” and
    Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread because they are all new and I haven’t tried them yet!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  81. I follow via Google Friends Connect charmtime at gmail dot com

  82. I would buy Bistro Chicken® stuffed with Ricotta & Spinach, the Quiche Florentine, the Crispy Twisters fries and the Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Supreme Side. food is good no matter what it is though! yumm!!

  83. I would get
    1. Caramel apple blossom
    2. Beer battered shrimp
    3. Bistro chicken swiss
    4. Cheese and spinach cannelloni

  84. I’m a huge fan of m&m meats. There are 2 right within walking distance. I would definitely go for some cordon bleu, as well as that chocolate thing there. That looks amazing.

    I’m a Twitter follower. 🙂

  85. I would get the chicken alfredo bites, oriental party pack, phyllo pastry party pack and shrimp party pack and then I would have a fun finger-food night with some good friends!

  86. The 4 items I would get are:

    1. Lemon Meringue Pie
    2. Battered Onion Rings
    3. Garlic & Parmesan Potato Wedges
    4. Cheese & Spinach Cannelloni

  87. Fall Off the Bone”TM Barbecue Back Ribs, apple crisp, maple walnut ice cream and mozarella sticks

  88. To be honest, i woud give the certificate to a family at our elementary school who is in need of help as the mom is battling cancer and let them choose whatever they wanted.

  89. oh we have one of these stores just down the street from us GREAT
    #1 my sister swears this is the best Peanut Butter Chocolate Persuasion® Ice Cream i havent tried it yet but would love to
    #2 Breaded Calamari Rings yummy
    #3 Fall Off the Bone”TM Barbecue Back Ribs
    #4 Black Pepper Beef
    now i am hungry LOl
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  92. I would definitely get the bacon griddle stacker, the 6 cheese tortellini bowl, chicken club pizza and the vegetable lasagna!! Yum. (can you tell I like pasta?)

  93. I love M&Ms – my 4 stapels are boneless chicken breasts, french onion soup, single serve cabbage rolls and apple blossoms

  94. I would definitely get:

    French Onion Soup, Spanakopita, Teriyaki Chicken Wings and Personal Size Pepperoni Pizzas

  95. We shop there alot luv their Chicken Strips, Monzza sticks, any of their ice cram bars, Chicken wings and cheesecakes to die for.

  96. I’d get the boneless skinless chicken breasts, beef tortellini, chicken club pizza and apple blossom

    I would love to win this for me.

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  97. bacon wrapped filet mignon, the chicken breasts, battered haddok, fall off the bone BBQ back ribs.


  98. I would get the “Fall Off The Bone” barbecue back ribs, bistro chicken swiss, jumbo crispy wings, beer battered shrimp.

  99. Teriyaki beef kabobs, BBQ chicken wings, breaded shrimp, and fall off the bone BBQ ribs.

  100. I would love to try the :
    Classic French Quiche
    BBQ Chicken Wings
    Rhubarb strawberry pie
    Deep dish chicken pie

  101. I would get Supreme Homestyle Lasagna,Angus Beef Burgers,Crispy Twisters,and Ultimate Cream Puff Selection for dessert!

  102. I would get the Bacon-wrapped Scallops, Ultimate Cream Puff Selection, Beef Wellington, Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons.

  103. The four I’d buy are: Bacon “Griddle Stacker”, Barbecue Chicken Wings, Butter Chicken and “Fall Off the Bone”TM Barbecue Back Ribs.

  104. I would pick up Teriyaki Sirloin Steaks (they are fast and yummy), Berry Mix (great for smoothies), Classic Stir Fry Vegetables (handy to have in the freezer for a quick meal) and Crème Brûlée (a delicious indulgence).

  105. Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons, Cedar Planked Salmon, Chicken Pineapple Mini-skewers, Chocolate Truffle Dream Cake
    These sound delicious!

  106. I’d get these:
    Bistro Chicken Swiss
    Bacon Wrapped Top Serloin Steaks
    Breaded Mushrooms
    Black Pepper Beef

    wins4kimmy at

  107. My family needs something in a hurry in the morning so I would try: The Bacon Griddle Stacker, for sure.
    Also: Major sweet tooth alert in my house! So, the buttertart squares would be something we would like to try, also, The Bumble Blossom (LOVE bumbleberry!) and any cheescakes as those are MOM’S weakness! 🙂

  108. 4 items I would definitely be buying are the :
    Caramel Apple Blossom
    Strawberry Shortcake Bars
    Chicken Club Pizza
    Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

  109. Wow. I was able to pick four things almost immediately! 🙂

    Bistro Chicken® Ricotta & Spinach
    Butternut Squash Supreme Side
    Banana Chocolate Chip Cake
    Bacon Wrapped Turkey

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  111. M&M’s veggie burgers are the best, so I would get those for sure. Looking at the website I would love to try the thin crust margherita pizza, cedar planked salmon, and sole parmesan. So many things to chose from though!

  112. I would get:
    Bacon-wrapped scallops (yum!),
    King crab,
    Beef filet mignons, and
    Fall off the bone Backribs

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  114. I’d get mostly the desserts. lol
    Apple Blossom, Apple Crisp, Caramel Apple Blossom, Bumble Blossom 🙂 🙂

  115. Love M&M meats. I would start off with Cranberry Brie, followed by Beef wellington with California style mixed vegetables, and for dessert we would have Raspberry Macaroon Bars..yummy

  116. follow you on twitter and tweeted but new to twitter and don’t know how to show you =) user name wtbfl

  117. I Love M&M’s! Especially with nice weather here we love getting teriyaki steaks, tasty burgers, and breaded chicken breasts for the BBQ. The nanimo bars are a favourite treat here too!

  118. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  119. Love M&M Meat Shops. Definitely would buy the following items Breaded Calamari Rings, Stuffed Potato Shells, Peanut Chicken Satay and Raspberry Almond Tart .


  120. The top 4 things we have tried are the new Philly Steak, Cantonese egg rolls, chicken balls, pizzas. Better than take out anytime!!

  121. I would get the following items
    Beer Battered Shrimp
    Breaded Scallops
    Chicken Alfredo Bites
    Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

  122. I woould get

    Louisianna Chicken Wings, Nanaimo Bars, Bonelss, Skinless Chicken and
    Mozzerella sticks

  123. I would get
    Bacon Wrapped Top Sirloin Steaks
    Bite-Size Sausage Rolls
    Classic French Quiche
    Potato Wedges


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  125. Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Banana Chocolate Chip Cake , Battered Onion Rings and Barbecue Pork All Meat Kabob

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  127. I love their apple pie and pumpkin pie, also I would get the chicken fingers and the hot wings.

  128. I would get… the French Onion Soup, Oriental Party Pack, Butter Chicken, and thier Apple Blossoms.