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HydraSense Nasal Aspirator Review,This is my HydraSense Nasal Aspirator Review: If you think it’s tough having one sick baby, try having two. When the Twins were sick and congested, it was all I could do to make them comfortable and happy. I remember long nights sitting in a steamed bathroom, and waking many times to babies that couldn’t breathe through their noses. It was extremely frustrating and disheartening to when nothing effectively relieved their discomfort. Whether winter or summer, cold season can strike at any time, so it’s best for all parents to be prepared for those times when your baby is sick {and babies can get colds up to eight times per year!}. hydraSense has designed a new product that provides quick and effective relief from your baby’s nasal congestion.,The hydraSense Nasal Aspirator and its filters were developed with pediatricians and is a gentle and safe way to relieve your baby’s nasal congestion quickly and effectively. It helps to maintain clear breathing and to facilitate eating and sleeping, the two things babies do most. It has a soft nasal tip which is specifically designed for babies’ delicate noses. It also has a transparent design which allows you to see the amount and type of mucus that is being removed. This is much more effective than bulbs that prevent you from seeing what is coming out. The hydraSense Nasal Aspirator has a protective single-use filter that traps excess mucus, providing hygienic aspiration. And, the filters can be purchased separately as well. The tip and base of the aspirator are easily removable for effective and easy cleaning after each use. I was able to try out the Nasal Aspirator and it was really easy to control the strength of the suction, and I liked being able to see what was coming out of the nose.,To liquefy mucus prior to aspiration, I also got to try their hydraSense Easydose and the hydraSense Ultra-Gentle Mist with Comfort Tip. This solution is composed of isotonic, undiluted, sterile, 100% natural-source desalinated seawater. It’s preservative free and works to not only liquefy stubborn mucus, but also to keep the nose moist when the air is at its driest. Compared to just the bulb sucker that I used when the babies were very small, I much prefer the hydraSense system of products. It’s much easier, gentler on baby and allows me to more effectively clear the nasal passage.

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own. 

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