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CoverGirl Smoky Eye Kit Review,My giveaway for the CoverGirl Smoky Eye Kit was a tremendous success – the response was overwhelming. I can tell that people certainly have an interest in an easy and fool-proof way to achieve that sultry smoky eye look.

I was pretty excited when my own kit came for a review, I was really eager to test it myself and see what the buzz was all about. So, what better way than to review the products, instructions and the outcome – than by doing a vlog review?!

This video is from the first time I tried the Smoky Eye Kit from CoverGirl. In it, you’ll see the before and after ‘me’! Since it was my first time trying out the products and achieving this glamorous look, I do think I could have applied more Smoky Eyeshadow Blast. Since then, I have do just that and got more of a smoky look, and I think it just looks fabulous.

It’s very easy, pretty foolproof and the results reflect the promised final look. The Smoky Eye Kit sure lives up to the catch phrase, “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Covergirl!”


The kits come in Natural, Glamorous and Bold and all contain:
SmokyShadow Blast, LashBlast Volume Mascara, and LineExact Liquid Liner Pen.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love how Cover Girl is really taking the professional cosmetics stance with their line. I think it was way over due and I like this tutorial for the kit, as you said…so hard to get that natural smoky look. I think the look is totally hawt!

  2. I love that they explain how to apply the eye shadow – so many people get it wrong! Great product – thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this! I really want this kit badly, but I’m not even sure if it’s still on the shelves! I used to have a felt tip eyeliner pen like this from Covergirl and it was horrible! If it’s that type that you have to shake in order to get the liquid out it soon runs dry very VERY quickly! I would much rather prefer to have the liquid in the tube where you dip the small brush tip into it yourself!

  4. I am on a girls weekend I wanted to try the cover girl smokey eye with my girlfiends. I got 2 different colors. We all played with it. It goes on VERY smooth and easy and looks good, but comes off way to easy. It would only last an hour or so and you better not rub your eyes. The worst part is that is burns the crap out of your eyes. I could only keep it on for 30 minutes before I HAD to take it off and run water thru my eyes. The burning stopped about 45 minutes after taking it off. My other friends had the same problem and could only keep it on for 15 minutes. No good, to bad

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