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Baby’s First Foods by Glow Baby,Did you write down your Baby’s First Foods? 

The Twins first year was such a blur, I was terribly busy, tired and trying to manage it all. At times, Mommy brain had hit me hard – especially since my daughter {then just a toddler} was just starting Pre-school, Dance and Swimming lessons too. I was almost too busy to think. Yet, when you have a baby, or Twin babies – you need to keep track of their eating {amounts and new foods tried}, reactions and allergies, sleeping, and output too. When I remembered to record this information, it was usually done on scraps of paper, and I always hoped I remembered to put a ‘K’ or a ‘S’ at the top so that I knew which Twin the information was for. Alas, it was a mess and I remember wishing that there was an easier way.

Glow Baby was founded by Canadian, Lindsay Harris. Her company provides scheduling tools for today’s busy parents. This came after her second daughter was born and she found it stressful and difficult to ensure the needs of the baby were being met, while also caring for a toddler. She developed a series of organizational tools to help Moms through those first few months. The very popular Baby’s First Journal is one hot product to give any new parent and it has also received an award for being parent-approved.,For review, Lindsay sent me a new product in her store, Baby’s First Foods, which is a 5.5”x7.5” journal – perfectly sized to fit into any bag. Inside are indexed categories to record and monitor the introduction of solids and different food groups, as well as baby’s reactions to new foods. This book is organized and designed marvelously, very easy to use! Though my girls nearing the end of the ‘first foods’ phase {I do wish I had this book long ago}, we do have food allergies in our house so I still have to record new foods or reactions to particular foods. And since I have Twins, and personally I would prefer to not have to carry around 2 of absolutely everything – I am happy to say that this journal is Twin-friendly. I very easily use this one book for 2 babies, and it’s not at all confusing or crowded. You can either use alternating pages for each Twin, or divide the column into 2. I would suggest Baby’s First Foods to any parent, or to those who want to help a parent out.

Baby’s First Food’s features:

* Allergy/food sensitivity,
* Favorites list
* Logging sections divided by Grain, Veggie, Fruit, Protein, Dairy and Snack and includes a sample page for suggested use
* Weekly menu planner (12 weeks) to help promote variety in child’s diet and for sharing mealtime information with caregivers
* Favorite recipes section
* Additional log pages for extended tracking
* Notes pages
* Contacts page for important numbers
* Coil bound to lay flat for easy use
* Handy for pediatrician visits
* Helpful for caregivers
* Printed on FSC Mixed Sources paper
* Printed in Canada


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Baby’s First Foods would be my first choice because it would help me keep track of what my little boy likes and would be a great keepsake for me!

  2. I have so many pregnant friends..the Baby Gift Basket would be perfect! 🙂

  3. Fan the Glow Baby Facebook page and left a comment on their wall. Alissa Spiehs-Apel

  4. I think the baby’s first journal in green would probably help me the most!

  5. Definitely the journal for Baby’s First Foods! We have a large family, and this would be great to help me keep track of nutritional and eating habits for the littles!

  6. Love the Baby’s first foods! I have been using a boring old tattered notebook for my little one and it’s a mess!

  7. I love the Glow Baby Note Pads, I make lists for everything so these would be great

  8. I think Baby’s First Journal would have been great to have when baby was younger !

  9. With another baby on the way, I would love the Baby’s First Journal. I should have purchased something like this for my first because I was horrible at recording all those ‘moment’ and it seems like it would be hard to miss and important moment with it! I guess Baby’s First Foods would be helpful too!

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