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organicKidz | Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

Given all the scares of BPA and other toxic chemicals residing in some baby bottles, it’s no wonder that a new parent can get a little confused. With so many products, testings and press releases out there, it takes a lot to raise our kids with health and safety in mind! organicKidz is a family owned and operated Canadian business where you can find stainless steel baby bottles.

And by today’s standards, stainless steel is not only environmentally friendly, but a safe and practical alternative when compared to plastic. At organicKidz, their bottles do not contain BPA, Phthalates, PVC’s or lead. I am a parent that just couldn’t bring myself to use glass, I was so afraid of it shattering. Stainless steel bottles are lightweight, dishwasher safe and don’t break when dropped. Also true is that they are the only naturally bacteria resistant bottle currently on the market. It’s no wonder that organic Kidz has been recognized and presented with awards many.

provides so much more than the cold, silver stainless bottles that you are probably imagining. Instead, these come in such fabulous and trendy designs possible. Choose from 3 sizes – 4 oz and 7 oz single hulled sizes, and a 9 oz vacuum insulated size. These bottles are compatible with most narrow necked nipples. I received a 9oz. Narrow Necked Baby Bottle in a lovely blue color. Certainly not your average bottle as it outshines in quality and style, when comapred to others that I have used in the past.




Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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  3. I really like the 7oz Blue Brown Dots Baby Bottle

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  5. Wow, never would have known! I love the 4oz pink strips and the cream with pink dots in the 7oz!

  6. I like the 7oz Green Dots Baby Bottle! I actually have some OrganicKidz bottles already and they are awesome! ebickell at hotmail dot com

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  8. I like the blue and brown dots and the pink dots. I'm very glad you posted this, because I'm planning to get pregnant in the upcoming months, and I had already began to worry what I would use. This it!!! I'll be buying when it's time.

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  17. We rarely use a bottle with our babies, but these look amazing! And I have a great friend who is going to have a new baby in April…I like:7oz Green Dots Baby Bottle #03524oz Green Baby Bottle #0130

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  38. stainless steel with blue dots is my favorite style!

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  62. I love the 9oz Lavender Wide Mouthed Baby Bottle!! this are really nice looking baby bottles:)

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  71. I like the 4 oz pink stripes baby bottle and the 7 oz cream with pink dots.

  72. I like the 9oz Stainless Steel With Dots Baby Bottle #0161 9oz Stainless Steel With Dots Baby Bottle .

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  74. I would have to pick the pink strips and pink dots bottle. What a great design. So excited about this.

  75. I like the raspberry the best , but would probably go with the green dots if I won so it would be more GN

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  77. I would probably get the 9oz Stainless Steel With Dots Baby Bottle #0161 (no extra paint that can come out and be swallowed…)

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  79. These are such a great idea! I like the green dots! Thanks!!

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  81. The 7oz green dots bottle is cute and unisex, which is important in ever growing families! kcarlson1152[at]hotmail[dot]com

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  83. I like the 9 oz raspberry baby bottle…..Take care,Donna from Maryland

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  88. The brown dots would match my diaper bag perfectly! I really like that they have great designs, there’s not one that I wouldn’t care to have.

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