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Everyone that needs some help in organizing their own personal chaos needs a good day planner. Really though, we Mom’s need more than that – we juggle a lot in just one day. We need a life-planner. And that is exactly what I think of the Desktop Day Planner by momAgenda. The company was founded by Nina Restieri, a busy mom of 4 and a former ad executive. At that time, she noticed that there were more planners out there geared towards brides-to-be than Moms. And, unlike brides, the planning and tackling doesn’t stop after midnight. Nina researched and developed her own line of planners based around the life of Moms in 2005. Today, momAgenda has a diverse selection of products that help us Moms organize our daily lives – from family to career
to home and social life too.

I got the 2010 {17 Month} myAgenda Desktop planner, which has also won an award. I chose the tickled pink color because I knew I would also be incorporating blog-stuff into the schedule {and hey, I have 3 girls is our way of life!} Yet there are many other great stain-resistant colors as well. Yet immediately I notice how classy it looks, a satin pink hard bound book with silver lettering – oh yes, it made me smile at the thought of organizing! But, the beautiful outer shell must pack some hard-core material to take on the role of motherhood, right? That’s why I immediately dove right in and studied what it had to offer on the inside.

For me, I use the full monthly calendars at the beginning of the book, to schedule blog-related schedules. The next section is the weekly calendar section, which I use for appointments, parties and everything-kid related. Since this is where I need the most space to write, it works perfectly for me. And, I can see the week at a glance so that I can be prepared in advance. YET, The thing I like about this planner is that you can organize your own life into the pages how you see fit. There isn’t a ton of ‘write this here’ which can sometimes be a waste of space if it doesn’t apply to you. This planner can be customized and personalized
to suit your scheduling needs!

The Desktop planner also has space for music, fashion, fitness, websites, entertaining resources, vacation planning, finances and more. I also like all the blank lined pages at the end, and jot down everything that would usually end up on sticky notes and lost. And, it has 2 satin bookmarks built-in, which is fantastic for finding those pages that you are always referring to. It may seem simple, but this has been a fantastic feature
for this planner, for me!
Since I tend to juggle so much at once, having my entire life written all together is almost disorganized for me. I like that I can have work, kids and household, and everything else all in separate areas so that nothing gets overlooked. I am able to effectively fit all of the information I need to, very easily in the
2010 momAgenda desktop planner.




Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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  4. The MomAgenda personal portfolio is cute but functional too! I love the monthly calendar at a glance in addition to the weekely calendars. The birthday calendars, to-do lists and blank pages are also helpful for keepping track of important things.melacan at hotmail dot com

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  6. I'm great at making lists – but lousy at keeping them all together or organized in any way! I'd love to have the momEssentials Purse Size notebook for when I'm away from the house. And the momAgenda Kitchen Folio is really sweet, too!melaniesands[at]yahoo[dot]ca

  7. Twitter follower (SaywardBC)[at]yahoo[dot]ca

  8. With twins in K, my husband and I have started that "busy" season, where there are constant opportunities for our children and us. As I'm in my day to day with my 21mo. old in tow, I'm constantly making Dr's appts., hair appts, play dates, extracurricular, physical therapy appts for our daughter, etc. I always have some sort of planner with me, to jot things down and try to make the most of our time together. After browsing the site, I would definately do the Mini-Daily planner. I have to have it with me. If I don't right it down immediately, it "ain't gettin' done!" Cute products! Great gift ideas!

  9. as a lover of all things that organize, i want it all! but if i had to pick one thing it would be the all in one folio! perfect for a busy mom!

  10. I think the momAgenda Wall Calendar could help organize my chaos since both my daughter (hopefully) and I could write in it so we could both know what's upcoming for each of us

  11. With my kids, all the friends' kids, an ex who acts like a bigger kid than the kids, neices, and then life outside my family, I am so unorganized time wise. I would be so much bettter at time management and planning if I had one. Please bless me by letting me test this out for you. I would not even care what color. Any color would be great.

  12. I'd definitely use the personal portfolio…one place to keep everything to do with family, work, outings, etc., etc., etc…!!!

  13. I would love to win this as i am a mom of 2. Chaos seems to be my life. Thanks for all the great info.

  14. I would love the momAgenda All in one Folio. It would be great to have everything I need to keep our house and family running smoothly all in one place!

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  17. I love the momAgenda Wall Calendar 2010, because it would me be more organized. :)

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  19. School Years by momAgenda; it would be a very lovely gift for my sister [inlaw] to use with my nephew. He started school in october for the first time so making keepsakes would be cute for when he's older. [Might buy that actually lol]

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  23. I really like the idea of the school years folder. It can keep track of all of the grades with places to put keepsakes all in one book.

  24. I love the momAgenda Personal Portfolio Crocodile! I just need to write things down because I can't seem to remember anything these days!

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  27. The Grocery List pad would certainly help me manage my chaos! I'm forever forgetting what I need when I get to the store, and if I had a preprinted list where I could check off items as I run out, then take the list with me when I go shopping, I wouldn't have to worry about forgetting to buy anything!

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  29. The kitchen folio looks like it would really help me because I just have a notebook in my junk drawer that has my whole life in it.. all of our passwords for everything (we pay our bills online), addresses and phone numbers.. everything! Thanks!!stephanie_dunbar07 AT

  30. I blogged about your giveaway!Thanks!!www.thetravelingcoldwells.blogspot.comstephanie_dunbar07 AT

  31. I'd choose the kitchen folio, we always have so much paper to keep track of in the kitchen this would be perfect.

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  35. I've used the spiral refill for years and would love to upgrade to a full Mom Agenda. Also, following you and RT'd (maryannag).Maryannagannon (at) gmail (dot) com

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  37. The Grocery List Pad would help me out b/c it would make grocery shopping faster!chirpatme at rocketmail dot com

  38. I would love to have the Grocery List Pad. I could put it in the kitchen so my husband and I could write down our list for the week.summer.tidmore[at]

  39. The large clipboard would be such a cute way to keep all of the papers I usually keep scattered all over the house in order!

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  42. I would love the momAgenda Kitchen Folio. This is what I need to stay organized in the kitchen with my menus, recipes, and grocery shopping

  43. all in one agenda.would really help with my 2 kids and the one on the way.thanksamy16323(at)gmail(dot)com

  44. I like the momAgenda Wall Calendar 2010. I could put it in the kitchen so it's easy to see by the whole family! tylerpants(at)

  45. I think the Kitchen Folio would also be handy. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  46. Receive your feed with google reader. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  47. The chores pad would help me keep track of how often my boys are skipping their chores.dftrew(at)gmail(dot)com

  48. I have your button on my sidebar

  49. Following on twitter as edmontonjb and tweeted

  50. I love the momagenda large clipboard. It would come in handy keeping me organized with all the stuff I have going on.cmarquez482 at yahoo dot comThank you so much!

  51. The momAgenda Kitchen Folio would help me organize all my daily chaosAll of my appointments, my daughter's schoolpaperwork and acrivities and our takeoyt orders could be organized into the Folio.

  52. I think the Chores Pad could help around here. If it's on paper, people will know what to do when 'they're so bored.' Uh-huh…

  53. momAgenda Kitchen Folio BECAUSE MY KITCHEN NEEDS A BIT MORE ORGANIZATIONA ND I NEED A GOOD PLACE FOR all of gthose sort of things like menus and coupons

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