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LeapFrog Math DVD for Math Tips


On February 23rd, 2010, Lionsgate Home Entertainment is releasing “LeapFrog Math Adventure to the Moon”, a new LeapFrog Math DVD. Being a family that are huge fans of Leapfrog, we are excited to join Tad and Lily as they embark on their new educational and entertaining adventure. Aimed at preschoolers, this DVD centers on math, and a quest on a rocket ship to the moon.
As part of the countdown to release date, and to get parents motivated to make math fun, and ease the fear of all those numbers – here are 3 math tips:


TIP #1 ~ Math is everywhere!Next time you’re in a waiting room with your child, scan the room {or the magazines on the tables} for evidence of “math”. Advise your child to find as much math as possible, and you can give clues if you need to. Numbers, patterns, shapes, categories, and measuring devices {e.g., ruler, scales}, are just a few examples of some of the math you might see all around you!TIP #2 ~ Patterns and Codes are All Around Us!

Make patterns using standard household objects. For example line up repeated objects–sock, stuffed animal, sock, stuffed animal, and so on. Next, ask your child to continue the pattern to figure out the “secret code.” You can vary the difficulty of the pattern to suit your child’s ability–banana, banana, pear, banana, banana, pear. You can also make deliberate errors that your child needs to find–pear, apple, banana, pear, apple, banana, pear, pear, banana.

TIP #3 ~ Play the Sorting Game!

Take a deck of cards, and discuss with your child all the ways you can sort the cards. They can be sorted by color (red versus black), suit (spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs), numbers (2’s, 3’s, etc.), royalty versus numbers (jacks, queens, and kings versus the numbers), odd versus even numbers, etc. Sky is the limit! You can play the sorting game with many collections of things around the house, such as socks and building blocks.



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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