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Kymaro Body Shapers

There are times when you really want to look your absolute best. As women, especially as Mothers – we want to look absolutely fantastic on any given day. For myself, my Twin-Tummy that has been a gradual work in progress since the Twins were born still needs some hiding. I am slowly working my way to fitting into those pre-kids clothes that I stashed away so long ago {sigh}. Buying new temporary-wardrobes? Well, that doesn’t fit into my frugal and sensible budget.
In comes the KYMARO Body Shapers – an easy way to smooth out those trouble spots! And, thanks to the company, I got to review a KYMARO Bottom Body Shaper and a the New Body Shaper Top.

First of all, I liked the coverage of the bottom shaper. I had a similar product years ago that worked to pushing the trouble spots, just to other areas! Yet with the KYMARO botton shaper, all trouble areas are hidden, providing maximum huggage {yep, it hugs, I made up that word}. I would say that the fabric of the bottom shaper would be similar to a thicker and stronger pair of nylons, so it has a ton of movement and give to it. This also makes it very comfortable, andI don’t break into a sweat just wearing them {very breathable!}. And, it has a butt lifter too, such a welcome bonus! Also noticeable, is that it doesn’t curl or ‘ride’ up the legs. This is also something that my other ‘hugger’ did constantly, and was so annoying. With my KYMARO Bottom shapers, I felt a lot more comfortable in that favorite pair of jeans that has become *a little* snug. Ooops!

The Body Shaper really does work to improve the posture like it advertises. I am able to move and bend {and breathe}, yet I also seem to be more aware of my presentation while wearing it. And That is where the posture-corrector comes in. For the Body Shaper Top, I would suggest going up a size than what you think may be best fit. I found that the Top has less flexible fabric than the bottoms and ensuring the proper size is the key in getting it up over the hips and your arms. I also noted that the seams of the Body Shapers are very thin – not in quality, but just enough to prevent them being visible under clothing. Hey, more women than you think could be wearing KYMARO – and we just don’t know it!

I like that the KYMARO Body Shapers come in every size imaginable and are available at a very reasonable cost as well. In fact, you can purchase the Body Shaper Top and get a pair of bottoms for Free! There’s also more deals on Cami’s and additional shorts too, check out the website!



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  4. You can wear it in place of underwear! I'm not sure how I feel about that but…good to know!

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  6. I learned that theyoffer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee (less shipping & handling)mommiesgotfivechildren at hotmail dot com

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  11. I learned that they have a 30 money back guarantee! Not that you wouldn't love their products, but if you ordered the wrong size or something you can send it back!

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  14. I learned that it can be worn under any clothing and reshapes your body due to loss of muscle tone. Thanks.partymix25(at)hotmail(dot)com

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  16. these amazing undergarments smooth out the rolls and bulges, giving the simple look of a sleek and slender body. Everyone will be asking you how you lost the weight! No other shaper out there compares to this!tvollowitz at aol dot com

  17. Great products. I learned that you are able to mix and match sizing between the tops and bottoms for a better individual fit for each person.

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  19. I so need this! I like that they have a 30 day return guarantee.dolniaks[at]consolidated[dot]net

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  22. I learned that their products can slim you up to 2 sizes and are pre-shrunk.iluvvanillacoke6(at)yahoo(dot)com

  23. I learned that The Kymaro Cami was specially designed to shape and mold your midsection.

  24. Top: 90% Polyester, 10% SpandexShorts: 85% Nylon, 15% SpandexI would love to try these.Thanks,

  25. I learned that the New Body Shaper is pre-shrunk, but it's recommended you air dry it like you would pantyhose.

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  27. I didn't know that the Kymaro Body Shapers came in so many different sizes–When I would watch the info-mercials before I was trying to figure out how that worked then I checked out their site from your blog and bam! there are many different sizes!–But I am glad they do-I am 2 different sizes..I have found this in all of my clothes and especially as a girl I (or anyone) follows the ""normal thinking" if you are this size in a shirt and this means that you should be this size in pants. I do not fit this. I have HIPS!! ( luck with the twins +1 !!!

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  31. I learned that it might be able to slim me down two dress sizes. That would be awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  34. at the risk of being redundant.. they slim you by 2 sizes… shellrae58 at sbcglobal dot net

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  38. I learned that Lymaro offers a 30 day money back guarantee, good deal!annaleneemail address is visible in profile

  39. I learned that it smooths out rolls and bulges. The before and after photos are amazing! (and being a c-section mommy I need help with my rolls bulges!)

  40. I learned they also sell a backless bra for use under strapless, or low backed dresses.

  41. I think that their money back guarantee is awesome! It's great to know that if you dont like the way it fits you, they will refund you without question! 🙂 (for thirty days)Amanda Barnesamandakbarnes90(at)gmail(dot)com

  42. Benefits are:- Slim down 2 dress sizes- Easy to put on and take off- Can wear under any clothing- Very comfortable- Hide those unsightly bulges immediately!- Reshapes your body due to loss of muscle tone.Thanks.president(dot)peaches(at)hotmail(dot)com

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  45. I learned that it reshapes your body due to loss of muscle tone, thanks for the chance!

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  48. I didn't know they had a money back guarantee. Pretty cool!Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! :)kmorris at wildcatdiscovery dot com

  49. I learned that theres a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee (less shipping & handling). Try it out for 30 days, and only if you’re not completely satisfied just return the package for a full refund less shipping and processing.

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  53. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the New Body Shaper Tops within 30 days for a refund less the shipping and handling charges, and go ahead and keep any additional items you may have requested.

  54. I learned Kymaro, an 'As Seen On TV' enterprise claims that Gaga's flesh-colored suit is the Kymaro Body Shaperbrdgcombs at aol dot com

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  57. We offer a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee (less shipping & handling). Try it out for 30 days, and only if you’re not completely satisfied just return the package for a full refund less shipping and processing. I think this is

  58. I learned that the product will reduce two dress sizes and it will not shrink.ncschools at yahoo dot com

  59. The ease to take it on and off is very important. I am so glad to come down several sizes so I don't have to get rid of some clothes.

  60. The Kymaro® New Body Shaper is the fastest and safest way to take off inches in all the important places where we can’t seem to lose the weight.

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