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Exederm baby

One of the biggest frustrations is eczema, it’s very hard to manage and can really affect your daily life. I was able to review the entire Exederm Baby line of natural care products offered at Exederm. My girls have very sensitive skin, with mild cases of eczema as well. I have found that choosing bath and beauty products are crucial for them – since most have common irritants that wreck havoc on their sensitive skin. Exederm’s Baby Care Line {though I think it could be used by anyone} has been honored by The National Eczema Association, they gave 5 out of 5 to Exederm!

At Exederm, their products are intended
for ultra sensitive skin and contains:
~no skin irritants, chemicals, fragrance, dyes, color,
parabens, lanolin and no nut oils.

And, with all the products that we put onto our skin, there could be upwards of hundreds of chemicals added to your skin in just one day. With Exederm, they raise the bar when it comes to hypoallergenic and sensitive skin care – and offer affordable prices, free shipping offers and a money back guarantee.

Since I wanted to see the genuine results of Exederm, I stopped using any other lotions and eczema products on the girls,
a week before I used Exederm
{and I have used Exederm exclusively since then}

The Soothing Baby Oil acted great in locking in moisture and preventing dryness, especially just after a bath. It absorbs well, and drys to a non-greasy finish! The Non-irritating Baby Shampoo has a slight medicinal odor yet to me – it’s not enough to make me dislike the product. The Shampoo and the Cleansing Baby Bath lathers so well, very little needs to be used. I even use it on my oldest daughter as well, as it gets the hair very clean. The Hydrating Baby Lotion and the Intensive Baby Moisturizer has to be my favorites of them all. Since I use lotion so much on the babies, a bottle never usually lasts long in this house. Yet this Exederm Lotion will last quite longer than my usual brands. And, it does a great job at hydrating and moisturizing their skin {and mine}. One of the Twins had a dry, itchy patch on her arm when our Exederm package arrived. After only 2 applications, later that day she no longer itched and scratched at the area. So I’d say it provided very quick relief! As well, I get red and sore areas on my knuckles in the winter and have really appreciated the instant calming and soothing effect that the Intensive Moisturizer has on my hands.

I also received the Flare Control Cream, and this is the product that I seen the best results. For weeks, a friend of mine had been complaining about the eczema on her hands. It got so sore and painful that she was constantly guarding them and even had to bathe her kids wearing rubber kitchen gloves. So, I gave her the Flare Control Cream for use on her hands. And here are the results:
After 1 day she said the pain had subsided and that her hands weren’t as itchy. Then, after 1 week, the scaly/scabby areas had subsided into a more smooth and slightly reddened area.
And this was just after one week of use, using the cream twice a day {yet she said there was a day or two that she forgot,
and only used it once a day}.
Pretty impressive, I’d say!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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