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Sprout Baby Food


I have featured products from Sprout Baby Food quite a few times now on My Organized Chaos. And each time, I am more and more impressed with their eco-friendly products. And not just the awesome selection either, the quality has shown me that at – they really do provide us parents with easy and informed choices when it comes to caring for the health and well-being of baby. Now, I am not a true eco-mom, and have never claimed to be. Yet, when it comes to choosing products for my children, I want the best for their health, growth and safety. When I see an eco-product that not only works better for us {than other brands}, and comes at the same cost – why wouldn’t I choose the all-natural?
And that’s what I found with the organic Better Body Butter by Episencial. I was surprised at just how marvelous this lotion is, for my kids and for myself. It’s smooth, light and keeps our skin hydrated all day long. Plus, it also is free from all the nasty stuff that may be in some other lotions. For instance, it contains no additives, parabens, petroleum, phthalates {and is BPA free}. Even the bottle is made from recycled materials, and is manufactured using solar power. The Better Body Butter works just as it should for a lotion, is the same cost as my other brands, and goes above and beyond for the environment as well.
To me, it’s pretty obvious…

I’d also like to make mention of the Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer offered at Since it’s all about the sanitation these days, it’s one hot topic at the water cooler {or play gym}. Myself, I have travel sizes of hand sanitizer in the home, car, diaper bag, purse, and coat pockets. I find that I use hand-sanitizer the most in the car. I apply after touching money at my coffee-shop drive thru, after loading the groceries from shopping and so on. I am constantly using hand sanitizer in my car. And, I have lost a ton of caps and lids after dropping them somewhere on my car floor. The Clean Well Hand Sanitizer container has a flip-top cap and an easy spray feature. I have come to love this aspect so much as it means no mess and no losing the cap {not to mention the fact that it also contains only natural ingredients to rid the germs and does not dry the skin}. This added ease of use and sanity-saver means a lot in my daily life. It is also non-toxic {I would never suggest drinking it, but it wouldn’t hurt if you did}. And, this hand-sanitizer is the same cost as all the others that it replaced in my car.
Again, to me – the choice is simple.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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