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Blind Mice socks | Always have a pair


I’m am so discouraged in trying to find matching kids’ socks in this house! I always have a few loners in every load of the Twins’ laundry. Now, I have a tendency to only purchase plain white socks for them, out of sheer frustration {Boring!!}. Blind Mice has solved that problem, their baby and toddler socks are purposely mismatched. Yet, this ‘mismatch’ is actually in a bold and coordinating way. After all, we strive to find the best in funky and vibrant clothes, shouldn’t their socks say have a
complimenting message?

I found it very clever and genius that each package of Blind Mice socks comes with 3 socks {or some sets come with 5}. Though each sock in the package is a different pattern, all of them coordinate with each other to make a perfect pair. So, if you can’t find one in the set {and you probably won’t at some point},
there will always be another!

Each design is bright, bold and full of life. To suit even the pickiest of kid, they are seamless, thick and of excellent quality. The sizing runs from 0-36 months, and I really do wish they were offered in larger sizes {in fact, I would most definitely wear them myself}. You can order online or see a list of retailers around the world. I was happy to see a retailer close to my own city, and the next time I venture that way – I will most certainly purchase more Blind Mice socks! Aha! Take that loner socks, you have been
beat at your own game!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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