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What a great response for the Yummy Suds giveaways, my readers sure have great taste! {literally} Before I talk about the gift sets at Yummy Suds, I’d like to show you a product at Yummy Suds that first attracted me to the shop…

It looks so yummy, but alas it’s not a cake – it’s soap! Now, just how neat would this be for gifting? Or when you have guests over this holiday season, send them home with a delicious looking slice of Cake Soap in a gift bag. Ahhh…those little touches during the holiday season to make people smile!

Speaking of Gifts, Yummy Suds has many pre-packaged Gift Sets. For those that aren’t sure how to mix and match scents and products, or just for those that like to save a few extra steps in their day. The Gift Sets from Yummy Suds come packaged in a recyclable kraft box and nicely presented in Christmas wrap and ribbon – completely ready for you to gift. I know those that tend to spend Christmas Eve wrapping their gifts,
will certainly appreciate this!

I got a few Gift Sets from Yummy Suds:
Bee Sweet Gift Set
This set contains 3 products of their best selling scent: Oh honey, beehive! Inside is soap, solid perfume and body wash. And let me tell you, I can see why this one is their best selling scent – Yum! I didn’t think I’d like Honey Scented solid perfume, but I now say that Pooh was right! I’d consider this one a safe set to give, when you are not sure of what scent someone would like. And, after use, the body wash and soap leave such a light sweet scent, and soft skin.

Secret Santa Gift Set
This one is for the soap lover that you know as it includes 3 holiday scented handmade soaps. The scents include frosty glycerin, sugar plum {my fave!} and hot spiced apple cider {this one make you literally want to bite into it!}. They are all different colors, and presented beautifully. And since we all like to either show off a nice looking and scented soap for guests, or give them as gifts {or both}, this is a trio that will be very appreciated.

Warm and Tasty
Ah, I saved the best for last because this set is my favorite one {though it was hard to decide}. It includes a ‘nummy nummy handmade soap’ smelling of luscious vanilla, a jar of frosted cupcake butter cream sugar scrub rich and delish, made with brown sugar and chocolate and a land of milk and honey hand and body lotion smelling of warm milk and honey. So, can you tell by these names and this sweet selection of flavors – that it is absolutely delicious! Not only for the scents, but for the combination of must-have products. This set is one that I think all women would enjoy! This gift set has an extra surprise too, as it’s wrapped in seeded wrapping paper. That means that can be planted, and will grow wild flowers! Talk about recycling made beautiful!

 ** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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