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Vinyl Wall Expressions


Never before did I have the opportunity to be so involved in the creation of vinyl wall art, as I recently did for Vinyl Wall Expressions. This interactive website allows you to completely customize your piece, to perfectly suit the room and your exact wants for the piece.


As soon as you go to the Vinyl Wall Expressions website, you are able to start your design. There are many colors, fonts, height choices, paths – all to achieve the look you want. This is excellent since we all have different sized areas, color preferences and tastes. I chose a phrase for the bedroom, and was pleased with how I could choose exactly how it looked. Right down to the lettering, size and shape of the letters for the phrase,
Always Remember To Kiss me Goodnight!’
Applying was simple, in fact it was extremely easy. I have applied many different brands of wall art and was pleased with the ease that it came off the paper backing. I was initially worried with the thin letters and the delicate font, but was shocked at how effortlessly it applied to the wall. I decided to curve one word more than the others, so I just ripped off that word and was able to place it wherever I liked. Most of the application time is just deciding on placement, just the actual placement took a matter of minutes.

I also got a gorgeous ‘Merry Christmas‘ piece in red. Unlike painting, vinyl wall art can be easily removed if desired – which makes applying even temporary seasonal designs appealing.

Vinyl wall art is the easiest, and fastest way to dress up a room with no painstaking decorating and painting needed. I love the result!
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