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As hard as it may be to prepare for the horrible chance that your child may be lost, it’s a part of reality. It can happen, no matter how careful and attentive you are. Your child may know your cell number, but do they know others’ as well? In a state of panic, will they even remember? And, writing a number down on a piece of paper isn’t a sure thing – kids lose things. There is product called SafetyTat– a line of temporary child id tattoos which uses medical-grade, hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive. No need for water or worrying about them rubbing off during the day, they have peel-and-stick appliques.

They come in colorful and kid-friendly designs and are waterproof as well. We received a sample pack of the Quick Stick Write-On tattoos. What I love about this particular kind is that you are able to write your contact number on them, right before use. I like this idea, since we live in a world of many contact phone numbers. Already printed tats basically become useless if you don’t have that phone that matches the number on those tattoos. Say you forgot it at home and have a friends’ phone, or if your child went to the park with Grandma – there are plenty of instances that may present themselves. Yet with the blank tattoos, which come with a waterproof marking pen – you are able to write down the available contact number. Genius!

SafetyTat is an award wining product that also has tattoos that alert medical issues such diabetes, autism or various allergies. Heaven forbid your child ever be lost – yet we must prepare ourselves for the just-in-cases in life. Suggestions for when they would be useful are at: amusement parks, water parks, stadium events, traveling, site seeing, zoos, museums, shopping malls, allergy alerts, first day of school, drop-off play dates and birthday parties, and even school field trips.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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