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Right On The Walls is a family-owned business specializing in vinyl wall lettering. They use their own mac based design studio operating professional equipment & software, using only the highest quality of materials and machines. When I was asked the review this company and their products, I first headed to the website to see what they could offer customers. And, I was impressed by the choices that I saw. They have everything categorized for easy reference, providing vinyl art specifically for areas such as the entryway, kitchen, business, auto, bathroom, animals, asian, grandparents… Really, I thought maybe I had seen all there was to vinyl lettering by Right On The Walls
proved me wrong.

For review, Right On The Walls sent me the Live Simply ~ Laugh Often ~ Love Deeply quote. This selection for wall art might be one of the most popular ones, yet there are a lot of variations when it comes to the lettering. After all, it’s not just the words. It’s also in the lettering, special touches and presentation. Right On The Walls combines 2 fonts with some whimsical letters and ‘~’ for effect. The color of mine is a chocolate brown, which is perfect for my wall color. Yet, there is also more than 25 other colors to choose from {and comes in 3 different widths}. The vinyl lettering from Right On The Walls goes on smooth and effortless, even with delicate letters.

I also got the A B C’s Plaque, all the letters in one frame – which to me looks like it’s been framed! I chose to put this on a wall in the play room, and it does livin up the room and suits it perfectly. Plus, it’s the first thing you notice now and not the mess of toys strewn about the room. Yet, this wall art isn’t onlyfor good looks you know…it teaches as well! My daughter, who is learning to read, loves to read wall art!

And, I have to mention one product in this store that stole my heart!
It’s this phrase below…
In all my experiences with wall lettering, I haven’t seen a shop {until now} that had phrases for Twins. I know, because I have looked each and every time! Bravo to Right On The Walls, I adore this piece! Isn’t it just adorable readers? Swoon!
If you are looking for awesome selection, Right On The Walls certainly has enough ideas to fill houses full {and business, cars, furniture, dance get the idea}. There is a nice selection of colors and sizes and just browsing the store in so inspiring! When it comes to gifting, Right On The Walls has Gift Certificates. And, if you want to get them wall art, drop it into the next conversation and listen to what they have to say. It really does add a dramatic {yet hassle free and no mess} touch to any space.
** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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