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Revlon Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Eyelashes


REVLON Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear eyelashes come in 2 types: glue and self adhesive {both of which I was sent to review}. Both have really soft and natural looking lashes on them, not at all hard and bristly like I had imagined. I was sent both the self-adhesive and the glue-ons to test. My review will be from a complete newbie standpoint, as I’m not an expert that can say whether this brand is the best or not. Instead, I’ll give an objective review on whether Revlon Fantasy Lengths is a good choice if you are attempting to wear falsies for the first time.
So, did I run for the hills and never look back?

I opted to try the self-adhesive ones first, and shyed completely away from the scary glue-on ones until I got the hang of it. Putting them on was actually not as bad as I thought, though I did have to trim the ends a bit to fit the width of my eye. I made sure I was very precise when I applied them, so that I wouldn’t ruin the adhesive. At first it felt odd, but pretty soon I wasn’t even aware of them. I’d consider them a pretty easy way to go from drab to fab, even if I was just taking the kids to the mall for lunch. I also like these lashes for adding some curl, as curling my own lashes doesn’t seem to ‘take’ so well . And, these are waterproof as well,
so take them on vacation!

When I eventually tried the glue-ons, it didn’t go so well. Just the thought of glue.on.the.eye freaked me out enough that I couldn’t get them anywhere near where I wanted them to be. I was so afraid of gluing my eyes shut! One suggestion would be too not apply the glue striaght from the tube, just the end of a make-up brush or Q-Tip. Steady hands are the key and eventually you get the hang of it. But, I still like the self-adhesive ones better.

I would suggest Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes for those special occasions this holiday season. And, if you know of someone who likes their falsies, this would be a great stocking stuffer.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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