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My Own Shower


My daughter started taking showers at age 4, that’s when she decided she was ‘too young’ for baths. Yet at that age, the water coming out of the shower head is pretty strong, and since they are so little – they are always pelted with water with no refuge.

When I was asked to review the My Own Shower by Idea Factory Inc., I immediately thought it was a great idea. After all, it’s a shower head made for kids. I was sent a My Own Shower for review. Installation was really simple, taking only a few minutes. Everything required is included, even Teflon tape. You do need to attach the patented shower connector valve to the existing shower head {and you can get these to match your existing finishes as well}. This means that you can either use My own Shower or the existing shower head, with no need to take anything apart and be stuck without an ‘adult’ shower head. Complete instructions are included for use and are so simple. Two suction cups hold the kid’s shower head on the wall, at their preferred height. That means that kids of all ages and heights can use the same product.

My daughter loves her My Own Shower. She likes that the water comes out of the fish’s mouth, that is something that is just for her. Plus, it’s gentler and not as scary as the huge adult shower head. I always had to wash Isabelle’s hair under running water, and then she could have her shower {the spray from the shower head was too wide and forceful to wash her hair in}. With My Own Shower, washing her hair is a lot simpler and less water is wasted in this house as well. My Own Shower is a nice compromise between showering like the adults and being comfortable, safe
and allowing for a fun bath time.

My Own Shower comes in 3 fish styles {blowfish, frog, dolphin}
and is available at Lowes, Menards, The Home Depot
{and the manufacturer at}.
It sells for about $15-$20 which is pretty frugal considering just how neat the kids will think this is.

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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