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LEGO Builders of Tomorrow Set


Did you know that LEGO in Latin means ‘I put together’?

Kids and LEGO seem to go together like bees to Honey…or gifts to Christmas. It’s one of those products that has proved {the company was started over 70 years ago!}, that simple products can provoke the highest levels of imagination and creativity in kids. And LEGO seems to be a product that almost all ages can enjoy, and have
enjoyed for many years.

For review, my daughter was sent the LEGO Builders of Tomorrow Set, which is a package of 650 pieces of all colors and sizes. We all know that LEGO has many specialized sets on the market. I have to say that this set is my ultimate favorite because it contains all the pieces you’d need, and can be a starter set for a LEGO collection, or an addition to make all the other ones better. With other LEGO sets, my daughter gets in a rut thinking that those pieces are only supposed to build what is shown on the box. And, much thinking and dexterity is involved in doing so, but the imagination is somewhat limited in that sense. With the Builders of Tomorrow Set, there is no limit on the imagination because she sees ‘no rules’ as to what the pieces included can make. To me, this is an extremely versatile set, because literally you can create just about anything. And with so many pieces, you are able to make many little pieces or one huge house {which is what she first built with this set} And, it’s a great set for children to share as well, just as there is so many pieces. Yet, if the kids {or the parents} get into a LEGO slump, you can go online where new building ideas are posted each month. This include some seasonal and holiday models as well. I have to say that this set has been the most fun,…for my daughter {ahem…and me!}

LEGO products are available at many retail locations or online. The Builders of Tomorrow Set has an ARV of $29.99USD, which is pretty nice for such a huge and versatile set!

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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