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Kuki Kids is back on My Organized Chaos, and perfect timing too – they have a new collection! If this is your first time meeting this company, I’ll share a little information first…Kuki Kids is baby and toddler clothing shop that only has bright and bold clothing, which was inspired by designs in Tokyo. You’ll find no pastels or anything that screams ‘baby’, just a ton of funky modern edge. The designs are as loud and proud as your kids are, sure to match their personalities perfectly.

For review, Kuki Kids sent the girls a short sleeved Taka Three – Applique T-Shirt with matching Dada Applique Leggings and Taka Applique shirt with matching Taka All Over Print Leggings. If you are a little confused by the lingo, don’t worry too much about it. Basically the shirts are the same, just with different colors of design. And, one pant has an over over print and the other is a plain white with an applique design. Besides the bold prints, the other most important aspect to remember about Kuki Kids is that the t-shirts and pants fit snug. The T-shirts are longer in length, just is so nice because usually babies bellies are sticking out the bottom of tops. And, sometimes the Twins can get all tangled in wide-legged pants and such. So, with Kuki Kids, comfort is the key as they are free to move and play without their clothes getting in the way. I would suggest getting a size larger {or two}, just to ensure fit and get the most wear out of the clothes.
The fabric used at Kuki Kids is so thick and very soft, especially behind the applique {which you’d guess to be rough – but it’s not}. I also notice that the stitching is impeccable, and I love the small details like the ‘Kuki Kids’ logo on the nape of the neck. With the Dada Applique leggings, it’s different to see the applique on the side of the leg. But this just adds to Kuki’s uniqueness and individuality.

Kuki Kids has even more apparel, such as dresses, jackets, pajamas, accessories and more {I’m really eyeing those pajamas!} You’ll have
to check on the sizing of the
items you are interested in,
as the t-shirts and leggings
only go up to a size 23 months
yet the pajamas {just one example} are available in sizes 2-8. Yes, along with new prints and items is larger
sizes now too!

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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