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VHS To DVD Converter


Do you have many home videos on VHS and wish they were on DVD? I sure do! I have tons of home videos from when I was younger, performances, my family and even my wedding video, all on VHS. I always meant to take them somewhere and have them transferred, but it was never really a priority in my chaotic daily life. Plus there was always the expense of doing them all.

There is a computer software package called VHS TO DVD 4.0 Deluxe by Honestech. It’s a simple download to your computer that includes a USB cable and a VIDBOX. This connects your PC to a VHS machine {all you need is a S Video cable}, and allows you to transfer VHS videos to your computer and then burn your movies onto DVD, CD or Blu-ray Disc {a Blu-ray writer is required}.

Installation is really quick and the program is easy to navigate. Since the program requires 700MB for program instillation and 10GB for the DVD creation, I didn’t want to use my laptop for this program {thus taking up my blog-work space} Instead I use the desktop computer in our home, which is closer to our VHS machine anyway. You can transfer the basic and simple way or get creative with some effects, titles and filters as well.

I honestly can’t think of anyone that I know, who wouldn’t need this program. It makes converting VHS into DVD easy and cost effective. Not to mention that fact that you can do it from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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