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Earth’s Revolution


I had a good chuckle over the history behind Earth’s Revolution {a eco-friendly clothing company from Edmonton, Alberta}. It was explained that the company came about when a young woman had a long talk with a tree and then created designs {for apparel} which provoked thought, inspiration and even anger. Their mission is based around the premise that we should be almost humbled by the environment and our world around us, and we should certainly be a little more respectful in our everyday life. Thus, talk to trees – get their opinions on things!

The 100% cotton Frog Change onesie is simply adorable {see the frog image on the bum that says, ‘change me, not the earth’? Too cute!}. It is also a thick onesie that is extremely soft as well. The design on this tee is meant to make a huge statement about frogs and the earth: The slightest temperature change {at a global level} can destroy a whole species of frogs. That I didn’t know. I see this onesie and am reminded that global warming has an impact on more than the water levels and climate change. Isabelle asked me why there was frogs on the onesie and after telling her, I realized that the Fog Change onesie is also about teaching the next generation on beneficial actions.

I got an Edmonton Tree Tee for review as well. There are many ‘tree’ tees on the site, being that we breath because of the trees – therefore cutting down trees is like literally cutting off our own oxygen supply. Each tree tee has a story and a history behind it, and each is astounding. Like the Edmonton Tree tee {of course about a tree in Edmonton}. This tree is on a popular river bank on ‘prime property and may well be cut down one day for a trendy condo. The tee features the words, ‘Beautiful Lady Tree please don’t die, we can’t live without your life, Breathe,’ along with the GPS coordinates to find this particular tree. So you can stop by and say ‘hi’ as well. Every time I see this tee, I have to admit that my heartstrings are pulled. Aside from the purpose of the tee, the tee itself is made of Bamboo and Organic cotton
making it comfortable and very soft.

If you like to gift a gift that has meaning and mission behind it, Earth’s Revolution just maybe what you are looking for. They certainly do provoke thought and force you to think of life outside your little box. Check out what else they have to offer, and make sure to read the stories behind the products.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own


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