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Now I know that a lot of my readers are fellow parents of multiples, so this one is just for you {yet those with singletons will still enjoy the clothing line, so don’t think this review doesn’t apply to you at all!}. Parents, Have you been to the Double Up Books website before? If not, bookmark this one as it’s soon going to be your favorite!

Just like their tagline, Double Up Books is certainly The Premier Bookstore for Twins, Triplets & More. They have a plethora of informative books when expecting and parenting multiples, including specialty books such as memory books, medical diaries, psychology of twins, premature multiples and Twin loss.
Not only ones for parents, there is a wonderful selection of childrens books as well – classics for any and all kids and specialty ones for multiples as well. And there’s a lot more than I thought too, do you recall that Dora has Twin siblings?

Double Up Books also has a full clothing collection as well, appropriately called Gaga For Mama. Babies and toddlers are usually head over heels for mom, so why not dress them cute and get a ‘Thank You, Mom’ once in a while too. For review, Double Up Books sent me an outfit from the Gaga For Mama line.
The Twins got a ‘My Mom…’ white One-Piece Bodysuit, with green lettering. The onesie alone is thick and good quality, with the lap neck for easy dressing.
This is the statement on the bodysuit:
I know, what Mom couldn’t agree with that?! This saying puts one huge smile on my face every time, even when the girls are having a full blown fit. Cause Mom makes it all better, and I know I’d like a show of appreciation now and then! The other sayings on the bodysuits at Gaga For Mama are just as inspiring too.

They also got a pair of Pink Pants, which are a soft 100% cotton, with an elastic waist for extra comfort. The outfit is complete with a matching Pink Bib with white trim. These are adorable clothes, and I love the fact that Double Up Books realizes that most shoppers buy in two’s, so the prices are pretty low as well {hey, when you are buying more than one set, you appreciate the extra-low cost per item!}. And, there’s plenty of sizes and colors to suit any age and gender as well.

The prices at Double Up Books are fantastic {hello, less that $4 for a bib!} and standard shipping starts at just $3.50. yet they also have a program to save you even more as well. It’s called Double Up & Save for children’s books, since most customers of Double Up Books have multiples to shop for {Yet, if you have a Singleton, you may want to give one book away, or stash away for when your child is older}. So, at Double Up Books, you can save an extra 5-10% when you buy 2 copies of any book.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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